HARP bearings received the European quality certificate

HARP bearings received the European quality certificate


Products of the Kharkiv Bearing Plant (HARP) received another TSI certificate for compliance with high quality standards in accordance with European standards EN 12080 and EN 12082. Axlebox bearings of the European type WJ/WJP 120x240 (for 1435 mm gauge) have successfully passed certification.

Bearings are designed for European freight cars equipped with a wheel set with an axle neck of 120 mm. Such bearings of a standard size was massively used on the 1435 mm gauge until the 130 mm size was adopted, which increased the load capacity of freight car, reliability and safety of operation.

However, despite the fact that a new bearing type is used in the construction of new cars, there are still a sufficient number of cars equipped with old types of axles, the life cycle of which determines the need for bearings in dimensions of 120x240 mm. Thus, the company will be able to take part in the modernization of the European railway fleet.

Earlier, in 2019, HARP also certified WJ/WJP bearings with dimensions of 130x240 mm for completing new freight cars.

certificat_WJP120x240.JPG certificat_WJP130x240.JPG

In the current year 2020, the company successfully passed a supervised technical audit, once again confirming the compliance of its products and production processes with the requirements of European standards EN 12080 and EN 12082.

The audit of HARP railway production was conducted by the Slovak company Výskumný ústav dopravný (VUD), a leader in international expertise, testing and certification.

"Today, the company accepts orders for WJ/WJP 130x240 and 120x240 bearings from customers from Poland, Romania, Serbia and Turkey. As production increases, we will expand the geography of supplies and strengthen our presence in the European market", ̶ said Viktor Gukov, Director of the Railway Department.


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