HARP will conduct full-scale bench tests of axleboxes of the European type

HARP will conduct full-scale bench tests of axleboxes of the European type

In September, the test center (TC HARP) will start full-scale bench tests of the axleboxes of the European type for wheel sets of freight cars. The axlebox includes a previously developed and TSI certified according axlebox bearing WJ/WJP130x240 (for 1435 mm gauge) and European axlebox housing BA182.

Tests will be carried out on specialized innovative stands of the TC HARP, in accordance with the requirements of the European standard EN 12082. During the tests, the specialists will monitor the temperature regime of the axleboxes, as well as the reliability indicators (gamma percent time to failure) that determine the service life of the units.

In accordance with EN 12082, the tests will last until the mileage reaches 600 000 km. During all this time, the axlebox will receive almost all types of loads (static, dynamic loads, distortions, etc.) that it receives when operating in real conditions.

Carrying out resource tests on specialized benches will significantly reduce the time of operational tests and allow to get reliable results about the axlebox performance.

As a result of testing, HARP bearings will once again confirm their technical characteristics, reliability and safety, and show their performance as part of the axlebox.

In general, on completion of tests HARP will expand its opportunities in the European market, increase the geography of supplies and the customer base.


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