LOZOVA MACHINERY held a successful demonstration of equipment at the UKAB Agrotechnology event

LOZOVA MACHINERY held a successful demonstration of equipment at the UKAB Agrotechnology event

Field agricultural event

LOZOVA MACHINERY successfully presented tillage machinery at the agricultural event UKAB Agrotechnology, held on July 29, 2020. The company's competitors were the world's leading brands.

LOZOVA MACHINERY, as always, was on top and demonstrated excellent performance and cost-effective results.

The guests' attention was drawn to the serial novelty of LOZOVA MACHINERY – SPRAYMARC-3000 trailer sprayer. During the test drive, the sprayer had to overcome a real obstacle course. At a speed of 10-12 km/h, the SPRAYMARC showed excellent maneuverability and high-quality, effective crop care.


The unit is distinguished on the Ukrainian market with a number of design solutions. The lightweight aluminum rod provides excellent tool stabilization, which is especially important when working on slopes and turns.

The sprayer has an automatic control system with a GPS-Navigator, which allows you to disable the injectors by section. All tanks of the unit are equipped with a highly efficient washing system. Another unique feature of the sprayer is the special shape of the main tank, which does not have sharp corners, so the tank is very easy to clean, and the water drains quickly.

Recall that LOZOVA MACHINERY launched production of sprayers in April 2020.

The compact disc harrow DUCAT with a width of 6 meters was also tested in field. DUCAT easily coped with the remains of barley stubble, leaving a perfectly even seedbed after just one pass and confirming the high performance characteristics.

Excellent processing quality indicators of DUCAT harrows, their reliability and fuel economy allow farmers to process the field at a low cost.


LOZOVA MACHINERY employees were happy to meet with customers, colleagues and partners. We thank the Ukrainian Agribusiness Club.

See you at the next events!

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