LOZOVA MACHINERY continues open demonstrations

LOZOVA MACHINERY continues open demonstrations

Demo show

Another successful test drive of LOZOVA MACHINERY implements in Ukrainian fields.

DUCAT compact disc harrow with a working width of 6 meters in the basic design with a rod-cage roller was tested in the agricultural holding IMK, Poltava region.


Among the 13 disc harrows from the world's leading manufacturers represented in the farm, DUCAT entered the top four (among) leaders. After passing through the field with the remains of wheat, the implement showed excellent results, forming a smooth arable layer of soil with a uniform structure. Uniform tilling and precisely maintained depth of 10 cm allowed to obtain a seedbed of excellent quality.


High reliability of operation combined with low fuel consumption (4.5-5.5 l/ha) and efficiency (up to 7.73 ha/h) ensure equally good operation of the unit in fields with different structures, even with difficult and rocky terrain.


DUCAT is distinguished by the original principle of LOZOVA MACHINERY – "ZERO MAINTENANCE". The units do not have lubrication points and do not require additional adjustment, setting and maintenance throughout operation.

Harrows are available with 5 different types of rollers, which is very convenient considering the methods of farming used and different climatic zones.

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