LOZOVA MACHINERY presentation in Chernihiv region

LOZOVA MACHINERY presentation in Chernihiv region

An exclusive demo show

LOZOVA MACHINERY took part in a demo show held at the facilities of Agroprosperis agricultural holding (Nizhyn, Chernihiv region) and showed themselves worthily among other participants - well-known world manufacturers of agricultural machinery. For the company, this is an additional test drive, which once again confirmed the versatility, high efficiency and reliability of the implements.

There was presented a compact disc harrow DUCAT with a width of 6 meters, equipped with a rod-cage roller. The harrow worked on two backgrounds, on plant residues of soy and on the field after harvesting wheat. In accordance with the tasks set, the harrow performed soil crumbling, evenly distributing and mixing the crop residues with the soil. After one pass, the DUCAT left an ideal prepared soil with a uniform soil structure, without ridges and clods, and a uniform tillage depth of 10 cm at a speed of 15 km/h.


LOZOVA MACHINERY showed the highest results in terms of efficiency with minimal fuel consumption (consumption is significantly lower comparing to foreign analogues), and also became the best in terms of productivity (7.73 ha/h).


Specialists of Agroprosperis noted that the multi-purpose disc harrow DUCAT provides the best pre-sowing treatment and creates an optimal seedbed.

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