LARI drag harrow – best seller of the spring season

LARI drag harrow – best seller of the spring season

Successful season

For the second year in a row, the spring boom in sales of LARI drag harrows produced by LOZOVA MACHINERY continues.

The implements were actively purchased by both Ukrainian and foreign farmers. In particular, there was a record growth in sales of drag harrows LARI - 2,5 times higher than in the same period last year. Aggregates were in demand from different farms, and they were purchased by large agricultural holdings and small farms.


Among the companies that have chosen LARI are agricultural enterprises "VITAGRO", "Agroprosperis", "Agrain", "Horse" and many others. Farmers highly appreciated the versatile and simple tool. Simple settings, reliability and high performance combined with low fuel consumption (2-3 l/ha) made the LARI the best-selling unit this spring.


Farmers note that the drag harrow efficiently destroys weeds without the use of herbicides, while simultaneously blocking moisture and providing air access to plants. Since the tool is practically not sensitive to wet soil, the LARI arrive to the field in any weather, so it is also effective for autumn tillage.


The implement is equipped with the most durable, reliable and wear-resistant teeth. This was confirmed by an independent anonymous study of the Ukrainian Scientific Research Institute of Forecasting and Testing of Machinery and Technologies for Agricultural named after Leonid Pogorelov. The LARI's teeth have the greatest resource for wear due to the combination of their geometric shape and perfectly matched hardness. Being the main working elements of a tooth harrow, teeth determine the reliability and resource suitability of tillage equipment. The unique design of the tooth also eliminates sticking and clogging of the unit.


Due to the flexible connection of the sections, the LARI perfectly follows the field surface and evenly distributes crop residues, easily coping with any amount of organic mass. The harrow is effective on crops of grain and industrial crops, for controlling the wintering weeds in the autumn period, as well as for destroying the crust on winter crops in early spring.


The full-scale production of LARI has been launched in 2018, and it has already become popular among farmers. The owners of farms confirm that the drag harrow provides the perfect soil preparation, characterized by a uniform depth, absence of ridges and clods, and a uniform soil structure with an optimal fractional composition.

Many of those farmers who have tried the drag harrow LARI in the work, consider it a profitable investment, especially since this tool can be converted into a heavy spring harrow LIRA XL with minimal costs.

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