HARP improves the reliability of serial bearings for agricultural machinery

HARP improves the reliability of serial bearings for agricultural machinery

Product line updating

Kharkiv Bearing Plant is always focused on result. Understanding the needs of its customers, HARP offers comprehensive solutions that are maximally adapted to the requirements of customers, facilitating the growth of their businesses.

Thus, the new models of combines entering the market provide significantly increased requirements for the strength and reliability of units. HARP bearings of the new series (for example, 1680210 series) are designed to improve the performance of equipment, minimize the number of failures and breakage of overloaded bearing units.

In 2020, based on the requirements of a number of combine manufacturers, HARP designed and produced new shaft ball bearings for agricultural machinery.


One of the combine plants was working to modernize the line of combine harvesters, which should become more powerful with increased load capacity, as well as more reliable.

HARP was given the task of keeping the bearing dimensions and at the same time, due to the increased radial loads, increasing the load capacity and reliability of the seals, as well as making the unit maintenance-free.

Designers of the Kharkiv Bearing Plant have reworked the serial bearing 680210A2НK7С17, improved the sealing system, designed other rolling elements, and changed the lubricant. As a result, new shaft ball bearings 1680210AEK10T2L19, which completely solved the customer's problem, were mastered.

Another combine manufacturer was working to improve the reliability and extend the feasibility service life of combine harvesters, which are characterized by bearings overheating and additional vibrations due to the high rotation speeds of the working tools.

HARP was given the task of keeping the bearing dimensions while reducing noise and vibration, as well as improving seal reliability and reducing bearing heat during operation.

As a result, after a radical reworking of the serial bearing 680210A2HK7C17, HARP designers improved the sealing system, designed other rolling elements and changed the cage. As a result, new shaft ball bearing 1680210AEHK10T2C17 was adopted by the customer for the production of serial combines.

It is worth noting that the new types of HARP bearings are adapted for application not only in combine harvesters, but also in other heavy-duty agricultural machinery.

The seals of the new bearings of the 1680210 series provide an increased degree of protection against contamination and resistance to mechanical damage.

The cage is made of armamide and has maximum resistance to shock load. It contributes to the trouble-free operation of the bearing unit even with insufficient lubrication, while providing a low noise level.

The reliability and wear resistance of the new seals and cages has already been tested on other types of bearings that have proven their durability and high performance in the equipment of leading brands of agricultural machinery.

The bearings of 1680210 series are distinguished with increased dynamic (26%) and static (38%) load capacity compared to the 680210 series. This is achieved due to using larger-diameter rolling elements.

At the moment, the new products are certified according to IATF 16949 and undergo a full-scale testing cycle at manufacturing plants.
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