Effective solutions from LOZOVA MACHINERY - flexible tine of disc harrow

Effective solutions from LOZOVA MACHINERY - flexible tine of disc harrow

Unique advantage

LOZOVA MACHINERY stands out for a number of unique design solutions, introducing them to customers first on the market. One of such solutions is a flexible spring tine of the DUCAT disc harrow.

Farmers around the world always note the advantages of 3D tines, as this feature makes the Ukrainian brand recognizable.

For example, Canadian farmers consider 3D tine a unique feature, competitive difference and business card of LOZOVA MACHINERY.

Rational and pragmatic owners of farms from Europe prefer DUCAT disc harrows, noting the high profitability of such acquisition. Many of them have seen in practice the productivity and undeniable benefits of LOZOVA MACHINERY harrows.

Also, farmers from the Baltic States and the CIS countries confirm that spring tines allow to achieve economy and high productivity of soil treatment.
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Application of 3D spring tine assumes that the disc operates with constant low-frequency vibrations. During operation, the disc oscillates, so that the harrow more effectively processes the soil without furrows and ridges, forming a perfectly smooth seedbed. The disc vibration also helps to reduce drag, which reduces fuel consumption by at least 20%.

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In addition, the discs are self-cleaning during tillage, which allows the harrow to work easily on wet soil, as well as in conditions of extreme contamination of the field with weeds.

The spring tine of the DUCAT harrow sets a uniform tillage depth and provides full 3D protection of the bearing unit: when hitting obstacles, the harrow does not dig out, and the working tool springs, preventing the failure of discs, tines, bearings and frame damage.

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According to farmers, due to such engineering features, the scope of application of DUCAT harrows in agricultural production is significantly expanded.

LOZOVA MACHINERY compact disc harrows are successfully used for stubbling, basic surface and shallow tillage, as well as for pre-seeding tillage.
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