Productive season for DINAR rotary harrows

Productive season for DINAR rotary harrows

Successful season

Spring 2020 was marked by a great demand for rotary harrows from LOZOVA MACHINERY. They were sold to the farmers and the largest agricultural holdings not only in Ukraine, but also in France, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, the Baltic States and the CIS. The implement has been serially produced since 2018 and it has already received a lot of positive feedback on the world market, proving itself as one of the best implements for spring works.


Farmers consider the DINAR harrow highly effective, because it perfectly destroys the soil crust, intensively mixing it to a depth of 5 cm, and easily copes even with heavy stony soils. The work tool in form of star with an oblique tooth ensures vertical entry into the soil, saturating it with oxygen. Moreover, careful work on seedlings allows to process areas with crops up to 60 cm high.

"This is the best tillage unit for soil preparation, even in organic farming", – says the farmer from Northern France. This region has the most stringent legislated requirements in Europe for soil treatment, and LOZOVA MACHINERY meets high standards.

It is important that DINAR fully complies with the LOZOVA MACHINERY "ZERO MAINTENANCE" principle: maintenance-free components, quick and easy mounting of tines, quick and easy settings of the depth and pressure on the soil, convenient transportation. And all this in combination with various types of tines and "stars", as well as possible equipping with spring harrow and support wheels.


Bulgarian farmers, who grow corn and sunflower, used the DINAR for the first time. They were pleasantly surprised by the complete elimination of gaps when working with the harrow and the ability to adjust the depth of the teeth depending on the intensity of soil treatment.

Also DINAR rotary harrow received positive feedback from Ukrainian agricultural companies. Farmers are satisfied with rotary harrows and note its ability to work without damaging the root system of plants, perfectly coping with the weeds. In addition, the harrow is coupled to tractors with a capacity of more than 80 hp, which are available at any farm.


In particular, Mikhail Shkatula, representing the "Agrain" holding, said that he saw DINAR for the first time at the Grain Tech Expo exhibition. "We were interested in this harrow due to its wide functionality. We decided to buy it, and it was a good decision. The harrow has worked perfectly in the spring season. DINAR is perfect for continuous and inter-row cultivation of fields, it carefully loosens the soil even with well-grown plants".

A number of Ukrainian farmers from Poltava and Kirovograd regions appreciated the productivity and economy of the DINAR harrow. "The harrow can handle about 60 hectares with a fuel consumption of 1.8-2.5 l / ha. For comparison, fuel consumption of the inter-row cultivator is 4 l/ha. The savings are significant", – one of the specialists of the farm said.


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