LOZOVA MACHINERY harrows are equipped with the best teeth

LOZOVA MACHINERY harrows are equipped with the best teeth

the best teeth

Design solutions of LOZOVA MACHINERY have received high ratings from leading Ukrainian scientists and specialists in the agricultural industry.

The teeth used as working tools on the LOZOVA MACHINERY harrows are the most durable, reliable and wear-resistant. This was confirmed by an independent anonymous study "The influence of structural characteristics of harrow teeth on the dynamics of their abrasive wear and predicted resource", which was conducted by the Ukrainian Scientific Research Institute of Forecasting and Testing of Machinery and Technologies for Agricultural named after Leonid Pogorelov. Among the participants of the experiment were also the world's leading brands of agricultural machinery.

Being the main working element of the tooth harrow and interacting with the soil to a depth of 10 cm, the tooth determines the reliability and resource-suitability of tillage equipment.

To achieve complete honesty and objectivity, the study was conducted by anonymous testing, when all samples are tested under numbers, without specifying the manufacturer.

Previous studies have already demonstrated the highest quality of processing, reduced fuel consumption and high productivity of LOZOVA MACHINERY teeth.

The tests conducted by the Institute clearly showed the increased "life span" of the LOZOVA MACHINERY tooth, demonstrated a low level of wear and deformation in comparison with the working tools of competitors.

According to tests results, LOZOVA MACHINERY teeth are the most durable due to the combination of their geometric shape and perfectly matched hardness.

For more information, see the graph and table of the study. LOZOVA MACHINERY tooth is represented as a green line in the graph, and under number 2 in the table.


       LOZOVA MACHINERY number 2 in the table.

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