HARP bearing units have shown high performance and resource testing results

HARP bearing units have shown high performance and resource testing results


For more than 70 years, Kharkov Bearing Plant has been producing bearings and bearing units for agricultural machinery in close cooperation with OEM companies. Cooperation is based on the pursuit of excellence and quality, and innovations are created based on the practical needs of customers and buyers from all over the world. HARP helps farmers quickly and effectively cope with the challenges of modern agriculture, offering them the most advanced solutions and services on the market.

The company also works effectively with its dealer networks, developing the most popular, high-quality and costs-saving analogues of original spare parts for the aftermarket.

One of such successful developments is the hub bearing unit for the Lemken Rubin 9 disc harrow (8395.H5-160.47.f35.011), which has been updated and available with zinc coating (Lemken marking: 5554502, 5554503, 5510014, 55510015; FKL: PL-185-V30).


High quality, reliability and performance of the HARP bearing unit were confirmed by resource tests in 15 different farms and agricultural holdings. The compact disc harrow Lemken Rubin 9 equipped with HARP bearing units, handled various types of soil – from light loam to complex black earth, gravelly and fallow. The units performed stubble cultivation, harrowing after harvesting corn and cereals, and embedding the green mass as organic fertilizer.


Over 3 years of testing bearing units, there were cultivated up to 15.5 thousand hectares, and experts have summed up:

·      Bearing units (Lemken and HARP) are completely interchangeable.

·      HARP unit is easily mounted instead of the original unit.

·      Compared to the original unit, the HARP bearing unit is easy and quick to mount and remove. (technical experts have noted many times the difficulties with repairing the original Lemken unit due to the axle fixation).

·      No failures or breakdowns have been recorded during the operation of the units.

·      The unit is completely maintenance-free and does not require any adjustment and maintenance during the entire period of operation..


Thus, HARP bearing units have been tested by the largest manufacturers of agricultural machinery and agricultural holding companies – leaders in the agricultural sector.

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