HARP bearings – 8 years of excellent performance on the railways

HARP bearings – 8 years of excellent performance on the railways

8 years of excellent performance

CRU Duplex bearing unit, the unique development of the Kharkiv Bearing Plant (HARP),  confirmed the guaranteed period of maintenance-free operation of 8 years or 800 000 km.

During this period, CRU Duplex has proved itself as a reliable, trouble-free and wear-resistant bearing, demonstrating its competitive advantages. As a result - 8 years without breakdowns, damages, failures and without a single complaint. Moreover, application of CRU Duplex has allowed to increase the energy efficiency of the axle box, reduce the number of uncouples caused by the failures of axle boxes and, as a result, reduce operating, maintenance and repair costs during the life of the wheelset.

CRU Duplex is a double cylindrical bearing designed for installation in the axle boxes of freight cars with an axle load on the rails of 23.5 t/f and passenger cars with an axle load on the rails of 18 t/f.

The unit was designed and optimized for the harsh operating conditions on the railways of "1520 space" (including resistance to low temperatures up to -60°C). The main result of optimizing the design and technology was an increase in the run between repairs by more than 2.5 times (warranty of 800,000 km/8 years or more).

CRU Duplex is successfully implemented on the Ukrainian market, the main customer of bearings is JSC Ukrzaliznytsya. Today, during construction, all cars of Ukrzaliznytsya are equipped with double cylindrical bearings.

CRU Duplex has also been successfully operated on the CIS railway network, in particular Russian Railways.

The first deliveries of bearing units took place in December 2011. During this time, HARP released more than 120 000 CRU Duplex units.

In 2016, double cylindrical bearings were included in the design of the Ukrzaliznytsya car boogies as a mandatory element.

At the moment, Ukrzaliznytsya plans to gradually transfer the remaining fleet of freight cars to CRU Duplex double cylindrical bearings.
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