LOZOVA MACHINERY will take care of the harvest in time

LOZOVA MACHINERY will take care of the harvest in time

New production

In April 2020 LOZOVA MACHINERY opened a new modern production line for the production of sprayers.

The company believes that the guarantee of a good harvest is timely fertilization of plants and protection of fields from pests. For this purpose, LOZOVA MACHINERY offers a high-precision trailed sprayer - SPRAYMARC-3000. For the first time this unit was presented at the anniversary Field Day LOZOVA MACHINERY held in July 2019.

High efficiency and performance, absolute build quality and ease of operation are just a few of the advantages of the SPRAYMARC-3000.

The SPRAYMARC-3000 is a lightweight, compact and maneuverable unit weighing 2290 kg, with a tank capacity of 3000 liters and a rod width of 24-28 m. Proper weight ranking helps the unit maintain balance and excellent stability both when the tank is full and when the tank is empty. And the use of an all-aluminum rod provides excellent stability during operation. In addition, the rod is insensitive to aggressive solutions.
The transport width of the sprayer is 2,5 m, the minimum required tractor power is 80 hp.

With a wide range of height adjustment, the SPRAYMARC-3000 can easily handle fields with plants up to 50 cm high.
The ability to hydraulically tilt the rods allows the SPRAYMARC-3000 to provide high-quality spraying when working on slopes. Each rod can be individually unfolded to a width of 12 m to 24 m.

All tanks of the unit are equipped with a highly efficient washing system. Another unique feature of the sprayer is the special shape of the main tank, which does not have sharp corners, so the tank is very easy to clean, and the water drains quickly.

Farmers are able try the sprayer in action, as mass production of SPRAYMARC-3000 has been already launched and it is available for sale.
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