FLORIN in the Ukrainian fields

FLORIN in the Ukrainian fields


LOZOVA MACHINERY helps farmers effectively carry out the sowing campaign.

As you know, Ukrainian farms are actively using units of LOZOVA MACHINERY, including the serial novelty - the field cultivator FLORIN.

In March, the Agrofirm "Agroset" (Shebelinka village, Kharkiv region) started a demonstration operation of the FLORIN, where the unit performs pre-sowing soil treatment after spring plowing. This is the final preparation of the soil for sowing corn and sunflower, according to the farm.


In one pass, the cultivator makes a uniform seedbed, evenly distributes the soil and copes productively with a large amount of organic mass.

The versatile, easy-to-configure FLORIN cultivator is equipped with three types of tines, front cutting discs and a chopping roller. Note that the cultivator is also optionally equipped with a compacting roller and a two-row tooth spring harrow. Such equipment with additional working tools allows farmers to use FLORIN even more widely, modifying it for individual agricultural tasks. It can be also successfully used for autumn ploughing.


The width of the unit is 8 meters, the required traction power is from 200 hp.

The intensive testing of FLORIN drive will continue in other Ukrainian farms.

The decisive factor in choosing LOZOVA MACHINERY equipment is the high productivity and quality of soil treatment, reliability and minimization of financial costs.
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