DINAR - productivity and versatility of LOZOVA MACHINERY

DINAR - productivity and versatility of LOZOVA MACHINERY


LOZOVA MACHINERY supplemented the segment of DINAR rotary harrows with an aggregate with a width of 12,8 m. The implement is designed for gentle, efficient and fast tilling of large areas. Due to the unique concept of quick mounting of the tine, the implement can be reconfigured in a few minutes from continuous tillage with a width of 12,8 m to inter-row tillage of row crops. At the same time, the harrow closes 16 rows with a row spacing of up to 93 cm just in one pass.

The 12-meter model is equipped with three variants of working tools and two types of tines that farmers can select for specific types of field works and soil varieties.

DINAR implements the unique principle of LOZOVA MACHINERY "zero maintenance" - the rotary harrow is equipped with reinforced maintenance-free bearing units HARP AGRO UNIT with a two-level protection system.

The advantages of the unit are also simple adjustment of depth and pressure on the ground, quick and easy installation of tines, and durable frame design.

Since the implement is semi-trailed, a low power tractor from 120 hp is required.

The tool is comfortable to transport, its transport width is 3 meters.

Due to the fact that the harrow provides maximum aeration of the soil and carefully works on seedlings up to 20 cm high, the DINAR is in demand in both traditional and organic farming.
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