LOZOVA MACHINERY tooth harrows in Ukrainian fields

LOZOVA MACHINERY tooth harrows in Ukrainian fields

Equipment supplies

LOZOVA MACHINERY continues to supply equipment to Ukrainian agricultural holdings. In March, tooth harrows of LOZOVA MACHINERY joined the fleet of the largest agricultural enterprises, including VITAGRO, Agroprosperis and other companies.

In particular, by the beginning of spring field works there were manufactured and delivered drag harrows LARI with a width of 18 and 21 m, spring harrows LIRA with a working width of 24 m.

The units have already left for the fields of Vinnytsia region and other Western regions of Ukraine.

LARI combines reliability, simplicity and versatility. Drag harrow is designed for loosening the soil and leveling the field. The implement effectively prepares the soil for sowing, destroys weeds and helps to retain moisture.

Resistance to wet soil allows LARI to go out in the field in any weather and much earlier than other units.

LIRA is one of the most popular implements for spring tillage. The unit allows you to efficiently destroy weeds without the use of herbicides, while simultaneously closing the moisture and providing air access to the seeds. The implement features a wide functionality and high quality of work.
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