LOZOVA MACHINERY presents the updated LIRA M tooth harrow

LOZOVA MACHINERY presents the updated LIRA M tooth harrow


LOZOVA MACHINERY continues the review of spring equipment and presents an improved tooth harrow LIRA M with a width of 21 and 24 meters.

The LIRA is popular in the Ukrainian and European markets. The versatile unit is suitable for both traditional and organic farming. Today, in the EU countries, due to the expansion of acreage used for organic farming, the need for such implements has increased.

The updated harrow is now fully adapted to European road transport standards, it has become more compact and the transport width does not exceed 3 m. Modern lighting equipment and telescopic rigid rod also ensure safe transportation of the harrow, which prevents the semi-frames from spontaneously converging when the vehicle turns sharply.

The harrow is equipped with a simplified folding/unfolding system due to the introduction of hydraulic control of the transport wheel.

The LIRA M also features a unique "ZERO MAINTENANCE" principle that eliminates lubrication points due to use of non-lubricated crosspieces.

A bonus for farmers will be another option – the possible additional installation of modules for the introduction of granular fertilizers on the hitch.

The LIRA M tooth harrows are already on sale, and farmers are able to add a new implements to their fleet.
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