How HARP solves the problems of customers

How HARP solves the problems of customers

Customer focus

HARP has engineering expertise and has been providing customers with effective and proven solutions for successful business and meeting the challenges of the modern market for more than 70 years.

Among the largest and long-term customers (partners) of HARP is a multinational manufacturer of agricultural machinery, the Rostselmash Group. The company's product line includes more than 150 models and modifications of 24 types of harvesters, tillage equipment, forage and grain processing equipment, for which HARP develops and supplies a wide range of bearings.

Initially, HARP produced standard bearings with steel washers and standard seals (80000 (-2Z), 180000 (-2RS). However, these bearings had a number of limitations. It became necessary to increase the service life of bearings when working in an aggressive environment and make them more wear-resistant. Rostselmash specialists set a task for the HARP design bureau to develop a model of a high-reliability bearing and ensure its trouble-free operation.

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Searching for solutions

The most difficult task was to design seals that would provide maximum protection and ensure that the bearing would work properly at high speeds. The need to develop, test and master the production of a bearing with specific characteristics in a short time, at the same time maintaining its cost, complicated the implementation of this task.

A team of professional engineers and designers worked on the project in collaboration with the customer's specialists. They have created a line of special sealed bearings HARP-AGRO with seals of increased tightness X-SHIELD K10.

New product

HARP's new product has become the quintessence of quality and reliability. Bearings provide an optimal level of protection from dust, moisture, large and small particles, being resistant to mechanical impacts of abrasive particles, plant residues.

HARP experimental data on the influence of the state of a lubricant on the service life of a bearing

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The outer side of the K10 seal is metal, so that during the movement of machinery, organic mass does not damage the rubber working lip of the seal, does not fall into the inner cavity of the bearing and does not interfere with the normal operation of the bearing

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HARP-AGRO bearings are available in maintenance-free and maintainable versions and suitable for speeds up to 3000...4500 rpm. The bearing can be manufactured with either steel or armamide cage. The elasticity and low weight of armamide cages favorably affects the performance of bearings under shock loads, acceleration and braking, as well as in the case of mutual misalignment of the rings and increased contamination. Armamide cages have high anti-friction properties and wear resistance.

Verified results

The advantages of the new samples of bearings:

·period of failure-free operation is increased by an average of 3 times (up to 9 years);

·possibility of bearing failure during the warranty period is reduced by 2...6 times;

·cost of bearings remained unchanged;

·increased operational availability of equipment;

·prevention of unplanned equipment down-time;

·reduced maintenance and repair costs.

Reliability of HARP-AGRO bearings was highly appreciated by leading reduced maintenance and repair costs. Manufacturers of agricultural machinery in the CIS, including Rostselmash, Gomselmash, Borisov plant of aggregates, Bobruiskagromash and Bobruisk plant of tractor parts and aggregates. HARP bearings are also chosen by automotive companies, including ZAZ, MAZ, KAMAZ, KrAZ and GAZ.

To attention of HARP dealers and customers!

The core values of HARP involve developing and enhancing the best engineering traditions, while creating innovative products that can make the world a better place. Previously, HARP-AGRO bearings with X-SHIELD seals (K10) were manufactured only for equipment manufacturers (OEM market). Today, HARP is expanding its customer segments and announcing the start of active sales of HARP-AGRO to the aftermarket.

You can order bearings here:

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