LOZOVA MACHINERY opened the first demonstration season in Canada

LOZOVA MACHINERY opened the first demonstration season in Canada


LOZOVA MACHINERY conducted a number of demonstrations in different regions of Canada. In October and November, the demonstrations were conducted in Western and Eastern Ontario. DUCAT-6 disc harrow with working width 6 meters participated in the field tests. The implement harrowed the fields with corn and soya remains in the farms, which apply traditional as well as organic agriculture.

The demo-showings confirmed once again, that DUCAT is a perfect implement for stubble cultivation. A number of unique design solutions, which are implemented in DUCAT line, allow them to work easily in different climatic conditions and with different soil type.

According to the information of Canadian farms representatives, in autumn after harvesting, they do one pass on the field and the other one before sowing in spring. It is important for them to incorporate the organic mass, which remains after the harvesting and to form good surface layer for the winter. DUCAT coped well with these tasks, completing the qualitative stubble cultivation and corporation of the corn stubble remains, preparing the field for the corn crops seeding for one pass. Due to the system of following the field surface with the even spread of load on the working bodies, DUCAT exposed exactly the depth.

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According to demo-showings results, DUCAT got many positive feedbacks. The Canadian farmers pointed out good quality and even tillage depth, simplicity in the implement settings, powerful implement construction and possibility to work in different field conditions, even during snowfalls.

In addition, the farmers were surprised with the speed of the effective tillage without the quality losing. The working speed of the implement is 10-17 km/h, productivity – up to 6,49 ha/h by the fuel consumption is 4,5-5,5 l/ha.

It is to be recalled that the results of participation in the international industry exhibition Canada's Outdoor Farm Show, which took place in Woodstock on September 11-13, LOZOVA MACHINERY entered the Canadian market.   


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