LOZOVA MACHINERY at Grain Tech Expo-2020 – zero-maintenance, reliability, versatility – cases of the future

LOZOVA MACHINERY at Grain Tech Expo-2020 – zero-maintenance, reliability, versatility – cases of the future


LOZOVA MACHINERY presented versatile and efficient tillage implements for spring season at the Grain Tech Expo-2020 exhibition.

The company demonstrated a set of versatile combined units – LIRA XL heavy tooth harrow and LARI drag harrow. The units are the first to start the field works and they perfectly level the soil, allow retaining the moisture on the tilled background in the shortest possible time and prepare the soil for sowing.

Specially for this season the implements were additionally equipped with a fertilizer module that allows applying starter fertilizers simultaneously with other operations.

Among the exhibits there was also presented DINAR rotary harrow equipped with various types of tines, work tools and support wheels. On the base of DINAR it was developed SANTIM inter-row cultivator for a wide range of crops. The unit can be equipped with the liquid fertilizers and protection agents applying system with the most accurate dosing.


All implements of the Ukrainian brand are distinguished by an innovative concept "ZERO MAINTENANCE", which has become a golden principle and standard of LOZOVA MACHINERY. This principle is achieved due HARP AGRO UNIT bearing units equipped with improved lubricants and durable multi-lip seals, which reliably protect the bearings from dust, dirt and other factors of aggressive environment.

"Zero-maintenance, reliability, versatility, no downtimes, availability and absolutely comfort application – these are successful cases of the future and the main trends to be implemented in LOZOVA MACHINERY units", says Roman Girshfeld, President of the company.


Such unique engineering solutions allow farmers to reduce operating costs, eliminate additional set-up and adjustment of the units, and work in accordance with high environmental requirements.

Protection of climate and environment, preservation of natural potential of soil, reduction of fuel consumption have become priorities of the modern world agro-industrial complex.


According to Roman Girshfeld, LOZOVA MACHINERY is constantly reviewing and expanding the model range, creating new implements with additional advanced features for the best result.

"At the moment we are preparing a number of new products aimed at efficient use of resources, saving of fuel and lubricants, and herbicides-free soil tillage. In the nearest future we will present new product segments – reversible plows, sprayers and seed drills", announces Roman Girshfeld.


This spring the farmers will be able to assess the light tooth harrows LIRA XS, which in addition to the traditional technology are perfectly suited for organic farming. The units are designed for early spring harrowing and indispensable for breaking up soil crust, especially on heavy soils. The new drag harrow LARI with a working width of 7 meters and LIRA M tooth harrows with working width of 21 and 24 meters will be also presented.


LOZOVA MACHINERY is interested in the development and implementation of innovations in the agricultural sector, focusing on improving the efficiency and profitability of farmers.

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