New HARP bearings passed field tests in Germany

New HARP bearings passed field tests in Germany

successful test

HARP bearings have been successfully tested at the customer’s test sites, where they have been tested during the year.

New bearings were developed upon request and requirements of Western European manufacturers of road-building and tillage machinery.

In accordance with the technical specifications, the plant has produced non-standard bearings and units with unique parameters, in particular:

·         overall and mounting dimensions;

·         radial clearance;

·         parameters of heat treatment of bearing parts;

·         stricter requirements to vibration;

·         special sealing systems.

Engineering solutions implemented by HARP specialists have provided effective operation of bearings in extreme conditions, with high level of contamination and increased loads.

One of the main conditions put forward by manufacturers of machinery was an increase in reliability parameters, because in case of failure of the bearing unit, the manufacturer of machinery and the end customer suffer material and image losses. That is why leading manufacturers of machinery are interested in application of high-quality accessories.

Innovative HARP bearings have been highly appreciated by customers and proved worthy quality, increased reliability, durability, wear resistance and excellent operational characteristics.

Based on the test results, leading companies are interested in further cooperation and supply of high quality HARP components.

Today HARP develops mass production of new units.
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