LOZOVA MACHINERY updating the line of drag harrows

LOZOVA MACHINERY updating the line of drag harrows


LOZOVA MACHINERY presents a new product, which continues the line of drag harrows – LARI harrow with a working width of 7 meters.

The 7-metre harrow is highly demanded on both Ukrainian and European markets and designed to meet the numerous demands of farmers. The implement is indispensable for small areas, fields with hilly terrain and especially relevant for small farms.

The LARI-7 can be coupled with tractors with low power from 80 hp, so more powerful tractors can be used for other agronomic tasks.

A number of improvements have been made to the new harrows, which simplify the set-up and adjustment of the implement and speed up the work of the tractor driver.

The harrows are widely used for the first spring works, as they can go into the field before other machines and in any weather. LARI is resistant to moisture, and the work tool design (diamond-shaped tooth) eliminates sticking and blockage.

Among the advantages of LARI harrows are also their reliability, durability, low fuel consumption (2-3 l/ha), speed and high quality tillage. As a result – perfectly flat field in just one pass.
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