At AGRITECHNICА-2019 LOZOVA MACHINERY has presented the advantages of the implements and new interesting solutions for farmers and leading world companies from 152 countries.


The fair became a business platform for LOZOVA MACHINERY. The company has further integrated into the global agricultural community, expanding the geography of supply and strengthening its position in Germany, France, Great Britain and Canada. As a result – we have reached agreements on the prospects of cooperation with a number of large companies, and more than 20 dealer agreements have been signed.


“It is extremely important for us to offer machinery which could help to realize the full potential of any agro-holding or farm, regardless of agroclimatic conditions”, – highlights Roman Girshfeld, President of LOZOVA MACHINERY.

The innovations embodied in LOZOVA MACHINERY implements present the perfect balance between productivity and economy, the optimal combination of tillage quality and environmental protection, which is so important for the world's agricultural industry today.


The innovative and unique concept of LOZOVA MACHINERY – "zero maintenance" – got the highest regards from the specialists of famous brands. According to this principle the implements do not require maintenance throughout the entire life cycle.

In addition to quality tillage and rational use of resources, it is important to achieve economic benefits, such as high speed of work, lack of downtime, low fuel costs. Such solutions are embodied in LOZOVA MACHINERY.

"Our tillage units are maximally oriented to the needs and comfort of farmers. They do not have lubrication points and do not require maintenance, which gives a significant economic effect. That's why the future of the agricultural machinery industry is about autonomy, maintenance-free and efficiency", – says Roman Girshfeld.


Agrarians highly appreciated the new format of the FRANC-3sp subsoiler, which was presented in the European market for the first time. The system of precise application of granulated fertilizers during loosening received a lot of positive feedback. This solution saves a lot of fertilizers, increases yields and preserves the natural soil balance.


DUCAT-9 compact disc harrow in new design attracted a lot of visitors. In particular, the owner of the agricultural company from Canada shared his impressions: "This is a very interesting solution, in my opinion – pretty unique technology from LOZOVA MACHINERY. I was convinced in practice of the effectiveness of this approach, as this season I used DUCAT harrows for autumn works and got an excellent result”.


Another premiere at AGRITECHNICA-2019 was DUCAT GOLD heavy disc harrow with a working width of 6 meters. This unit is designed for working on the remains of tilled crops and received positive feedback from farmers after a series of field tests in Europe. Heavy disc harrow evenly mixes soil and plant residues to a depth of 20 cm without blockage, easily coping with large amounts of organic matter of corn and sunflower.

LOZOVA MACHINERY once again confirmed its high level as a manufacturer of quality products that meet international standards.


"AGRITECHNICA-2019 is quite fruitful for us, because today our implements are interesting and recognizable. We have strengthened our position in Europe, had a constructive dialogue with farmers and international experts in the agricultural industry. This is a success, a victory and result of fruitful work of our team. With LOZOVA MACHINERY YOU WILL MAKE YOUR MONEY WORK!", – sums up Roman Girshfeld.
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