LOZOVA MACHINERY presents 20 years of experience and effective innovations at AGRO-2019

LOZOVA MACHINERY presents 20 years of experience and effective innovations at AGRO-2019


From June 4, at the international exhibition AGRO-2019, in Kyiv, the largest Ukrainian manufacturer of the tillage machinery LOZOVA MACHINERY presents a number of the latest developments in 2019.

The large exposition shows the novelties of agricultural machinery as a result of technical achievements and integrated solutions for the Ukrainian and European markets, which meets the highest requirements of farmers.
The year 2019 is indicative and anniversary for the company. 20 years of LOZOVA MACHINERY and the legendary LIRA spring-tooth harrow (which is in almost every second farm in Ukraine).

Also this year, DUCAT disc harrows line celebrates its 10th anniversary. Just ten years ago, the first DUCAT harrows left the factory workshops and were presented at AGRO-2009.

Nowadays DUCAT is:
• 10 configurations of machinery with a working width of 2.5 to almost 17 meters;
• 12 patents of the unique units and solutions;
• more than 2000 farms in more than 20 countries of the world.

A new design of LOZOVA MACHINERY


The company care for the machinery not only tills the soil with the highest quality and it is a profitable investment, but also makes it convenient and aesthetically pleasing for farmers to work on the field. The new design of LOZOVA MACHINERY, which is based on the natural perfection of forms, fully solves this problem. The dynamic and powerful appearance of the machinery meets the spirit and technical characteristics of LOZOVA MACHINERY: high-speed, durable, innovative, modern and progressive.

 “We believe that equipment should be ergonomic and aesthetic, and all components should be easy to use. Therefore, since 2019 we have been restyling all the machinery: we have started with a subsoiler and disc harrows. We were thinking for about a year and a half - we were preparing hundreds of sketches, designs, samples and showed the power, aspiration, innovative spirit of LOZOVA MACHINERY”- said Roman Girshfeld, the President of LOZOVA MACHINERY.




The multipurpose loading semi-trailer KELT XXL has become the most expectative premier of LOZOVA MACHINERY. This is the latest development of LOZOVA MACHINERY – the trailer that can carry loads up to 43 m3. The unique unloading system using a belt conveyor unloads the trailer in 2 minutes.

Excellent maneuverability, improved flotation ability, aggregation with different tractors and draft vehicles, economical fuel consumption. KELT can be equipped with additional devices: a screw conveyor, manure spreader, as well as an innovative tire pressure control system.

“One of the advantages and distinctive features of the trailer is its full compliance with the traffic rules in size and axle load! It can be safely used on public roads,” says Alexey Grynenko, the Chief Designer of LOZOVA MACHINERY.

The leader of the season 2019 is DUCAT disc harrow with a working width of 9 meters. The harrow has the updated modern style of LOZOVA MACHINERY, a new design and improved structure. The machinery has been successfully tested and in the fall it can be purchased from the official dealers of the company.

“I am pleased with DUCAT, because it is fast-speed helped us in sowing. If before we have passed through 7-8 km/h using other disks, then now it is 14 km/h using your disks it means double speed and faster sowing”- noted the owner of DUCAT-6, Andrey Tkachenko, LLC MORIS, Chernihiv region, Kozeletsky district.

DUCAT GOLD - 6 is a heavy disc harrow with minimum maintenance and maximum performance! The machinery is designed to work with the macropodal croppers’ remains, can be applied well for tilling areas with remains of high stalks of maize and sunflower. The tests are completed and the machinery is in serial production.


FRANC-3 subsoiler with an increased working width up to 3 meters. It is equipped with HARD-SHELL carbide tips, which are distinguished by the longest service life in its class. The machinery is presented with a new design, its frame is reinforced, maintenance-free bearings units are built in.



These and other innovations can be found at FIELD DAY, that is held traditionally, for the fifth time, in the Lozovsky district, Kharkiv region on July 18. Here you can see with your own eyes the quality of the machinery operation and find out all the most important issues for you on the operation of LOZOVA MACHINERY.

The machinery presented at the exhibition demonstrates the most important characteristics and all the benefits of using LOZOVA MACHINERY units:

• “zero service” - when machinery practically does not require human intervention for maintenance during its operational lifetime;
• low fuel consumption - that gives incredible savings during the year;
• the highest possible tillage speed - in terms of a shortened agronomic year, it acquires incredible importance.
The machinery of LOZOVA MACHINERY is quite accessible for Ukrainian farmers - all machinery participates in the government program of 25% cost compensation (40% for farms).


LOZOVA MACHINERY is the only Ukrainian manufacturer that presents its products globally on the international market. This year is not an exception - the company's equipment is presented in almost all European countries at exhibitions, field days and demo shows.

it is worth noting individually the participation in the largest exhibitions of such demanding countries as the United Kingdom and Canada (LAMMA and Cereals exhibitions), in the world's largest agricultural exhibition AGRITECHNIK in Germany, where the best of the best are exhibited.

Ukraine is a country with one of the largest tillable lands. And the equipment of LOZOVA MACHINERY successfully passed testing through practice and time: operating in difficult conditions and intensive using fully proved the advantages of the brand.

Every year the company develops new types of equipment and expands the line of the existing one. Listening carefully to the wishes of customers, LOZOVA MACHINERY creates new and modernize their traditional units, modifying them for different soil conditions. They create multifunctional and combined tools that increase crop productivity and profitability of agricultural companies.

Precisely these technologies LOZOVA MACHINERY offers - a new generation of agricultural machinery, with the help of that farmers’ MONEY is WORKING!

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