LOZOVA MACHINERY on the Bulgarian market

LOZOVA MACHINERY on the Bulgarian market


LOZOVA MACHINERY presents the DUCAT disc harrows line at the BATA AGRO-2019 exhibition (May 14-17, Stara Zagora) in Bulgaria.

LOZOVA MACHINERY together with the official company dealer ET “Geomar - G. Nedkov” will present DUCAT to farmers in Bulgaria with a 5-meter working width and a rod-cage roller in a classic configuration. Optionally, the machine can be equipped with any of the five types rollers for various farming conditions. The harrows have an optimal working speed - 10-17 km / h and high performance up to 6.49 ha / h.

The equipment works good with heavy soils and large amounts of crop residue.

In the words of Marina Kameneva, head of the sales department, the consistently high quality and efficiency of the tillage machines of the Ukrainian brand attract Bulgarian farmers.

"We are the third year on the Bulgarian market and have already become popular. LOZOVA MACHINERY is a very profitable acquisition, as local farmers say. We continue to develop the dealer network and expand the range of products to meet the needs of local farmers", – she comments.

See you at our exposition!
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