The novelty of the season - disc harrows DUCAT-9 are already in the fields

The novelty of the season - disc harrows DUCAT-9 are already in the fields


On the March 29, LOZOVA MACHINERY began the next field test cycle for the updated design of short disk harrows DUCAT.

The novelty of the series was tested - the harrow DUCAT-9, which the company presented at the Grain Tech Expo in Kiev. The new harrow has a modern stylish design, an updated colour, the working width of 9 meters and an improved hydraulics system.

“Tests are successful!” - the unanimous conclusion of UKBTSh designers and engineers of Petro Vasylenko  National Technical University of Agriculture  . The aggregate was tested in the conditions of waterlogged soil, but even such extreme conditions did not prevent it from managing all the tests and making an excellent impression.

“The heart of the machine remains the same, so there are no unpleasant surprises. It will operate. And it will operate continuously!“ - notes test engineer Yuriy. Now the line of short disc harrows DUCAT is completely full - LOZOVA MACHINERY offers aggregates with all options of working width from 2.5 to 16.75 meters.

In addition to the appearance, DUCAT-9 also obtained the following technical updates: the improved hydraulics and an optimized system for folding working frames. The aggregate operates with a tractor with power from 300 h.p. and is adapted for the installation of interchangeable rollers that are suitable for different farming conditions.

DUCAT-9 is the first step in updating the existing line of harrows. LOZOVA MACHINERY is now changing other aggregates of the series for a new style that meets the modern philosophy of the company - an effective equipment of profitable farming.

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