LOZOVA MACHINERY trained the managers of dealer network

LOZOVA MACHINERY trained the managers of dealer network


You can become more perfect only if you help others to become perfect! Under such slogan, LOZOVA MACHINERY trained the managers of dealer network around Ukraine and checked new system of work with partners in practice. The two weeks’ tour (January 21 – February 8) covered 17 regions of Ukraine and 46 affiliates of the largest suppliers of LOZOVA MACHINERY implements.

The representatives of the company told in detail about unique peculiarities, design advantages of machinery, which has been successfully demanded on the market, as well as about the recent novelties. They pointed out the line of implements, which in spring create the most favorable conditions for seed cultures development. There are such implements as DUCAT compact disc harrow, LARI drag harrow, LIRA spring tooth harrow, DINAR rotary harrow. These implements destroy the tightened layer, smooth the soil surface, and prevent the capillary flow-out from the deep layers, strengthening the microbiological process in the soil.

All affiliates of dealer network showed a high knowledge level of technologies of agricultural machinery sells.
The results of training aren’t long in coming. According to the results of the first month after the seminars, the demand for LOZOVA MACHINERY implements has increased, which was dynamic before. 

The training of the affiliate network will be conducted twice a year, and sometimes oftener. The next stage of training is planned for summer-autumn within the frameworks of knowledge improvement about LOZOVA MACHINERY implements for season works after harvesting.

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