Maintenance-free bearing solutions from HARP at GRAIN TECH EXPO

Maintenance-free bearing solutions from HARP at GRAIN TECH EXPO


On February, 19-21 the largest agro-industrial exhibition in Ukraine GRAIN TECH EXPO 2019 took place in Kyiv. Kharkov Bearing Plant (HARP) presented the best solutions for agricultural machinery to the Ukrainian representatives of agro-industrial complex.

More than 150 visitors from all over Ukraine visited HARP booth. The Ukrainian farmers were very interested in HARP AGRO bearings with seals of increased tightness X-SHIELD.

“Our bearings with seals are distinguished by the improved design, which provides the increased tightness and protection from mechanical impact, dust, dirt, and abrasive particles. The seal has metal external side. Due to this the plant mass can’t damage the seal and get into the bearing during the work of agricultural machinery, so it can’t hamper its normal work and bring the machinery out of operation. The unique system of multi-lip seals makes the bearing maintenance-free, what is very demanded among the farmers today”, – Vitaliy Bugrov, Director of Sales Department, tells.


The company’s booth was also visited by the farmers who know well HARP products and have already tested bearings in the harsh conditions of machinery exploitation, particularly on dry and rocky soils, as well as on wet soil. According to the farmers, HARP bearing units are distinguished by high reliability. Machinery equipped with HARP bearing units has successfully worked more than one season with no need for additional maintenance and lubrication.       


“HARP AGRO UNIT hub bearing units proved themselves not only as the maintenance-free solutions, which don’t require additional lubrication but also by the convenient installation. The assembling is very easy for the farmers and they can do this even in the field conditions”, – Director of Sales Department adds.

Another cost-effective solution is the line of UC insert bearings (analogs of YAR), ES (YET), EX (YEL) and units with various housings on their base. All units with cast-iron housings have lubrication fitting in order to provide the longer service-life and maximum efficiency. In addition, the high quality of bearing and housing performance allows to provide their full interchangeability at any running time.


Talking about plans for 2019, Vitaliy Bugrov highlighted the preparation for new products launching and entering new markets: “Today the plant is working on the development of about 20 types of bearings for agriculture industry”.

Many visitors of HARP booth expressed a wish to visit the plant and to familiarize themselves with production technology. According to company representatives, new excursions season will start in spring and within its frameworks everybody will be able to assure themselves of the modern level of manufacturing. It is to be recalled that last year HARP accepted over 100 visitors.


“Agricultural engineers face the main task – to produce machinery corresponding to the following requirements: firstly, high productivity, reliability, and faultiness; secondly, versatility; thirdly, high operational life with reduced fuel and lubricants consumption. The above-mentioned factors are achieved due to application of high quality spare parts, including bearings and units. HARP developed the unique line of bearing products for the agricultural industry, which satisfies both agricultural machinery producers and users”, – Vitaliy Bugrov sums up. 

Many years experience allows to satisfy customers demands around the world. HARP products are demanded by such large machinery producers, as Rostselmash, Salford, Klever, MTZ. In addition, HARP is fruitfully cooperating with MetalAgro, the largest Bulgarian producer of agricultural machinery, ArcelorMittal, the world's leading metallurgical company, and prolonged an exclusive distribution contract with the company IGNERA (Latvia).

HARP bearings – proven solutions for you!

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