Premiere of LOZOVA MACHINERY novelties at GRAIN TECH EXPO 2019

Premiere of LOZOVA MACHINERY novelties at GRAIN TECH EXPO 2019


LOZOVA MACHINERY successfully presented new tillage implements at the international exhibition GRAIN TECH EXPO 2019 in Kyiv.

“We are presenting the efficient and qualitative machinery for profitable agriculture. LOZOVA MACHINERY versatile implements gently cultivate the soil for high yields”, – Roman Girshfeld, Vice President Sales and Marketing, points out.

The new disc harrow with working width 9 meters was demonstrated at exhibition. DUCAT-9 became a highlight of the season and caught the interest of the farmers. 

Дукат 9.JPG

“It is really long-awaited harrow”, – Ivan Podgornyi, the farm owner from Kyiv Region, tells. – “It has an appealing and modern look. I have DUCAT-5 and it works perfectly, but I need a wider implement. The 9-meter disc harrow is exactly what I need. The harrowing will be performed in fewer passes and it will save the fuel”.

Igor Nemashkalo, the farm owner in Kharkov Region, was interested in this particular disc harrow. “It has good width and attractive look. I have been successfully using LOZOVA MACHINERY implements for a few years. I have LIRA heavy tooth harrow and I like it. These implements are produced in Kharkov Region and we should support the national producer. I want to purchase the drag-harrow and I am thinking about the other purchases”, – the farmer tells.

DUCAT-9 extended the line of compact disc harrows. Now, LOZOVA MACHINERY offers the implements with any working width from 2,5 to 16 meters.

“We have revised and improved not only technical characteristics, equipping DUCAT-9 with new folding system and improved hydraulic mechanism, but also we created a new design, embodying new ideology of LOZOVA MACHINERY – Roman Girshfeld tells. – It is absolutely new interpretation of our harrows, which is implemented in color and new forms: efficient machinery for efficient agriculture”.

According to Roman Girshfeld, the whole line of LOZOVA MACHINERY will have a new design. Starting from 2019, the company is going to renew the machinery park in accordance with this conception.


The farmers were also very interested in DINAR 6,4 improved rotary harrow. The implement became lighter for 400 kg and this will allow to couple it with light tractors and to reduce costs for fuels and lubrication.

The combined multi-profile implements LIRA XL heavy tooth harrow and LARI drag harrow are highly demanded among the farmers. This is a new generation of implements put in serial production. According to Petr Brunenko, Chief Engineer of the farm in Poltava Region, LARI is economical and versatile implement. “We purchased the implement in the early spring last year and we are satisfied with the result. We were the first with this implement, who worked on the field on the wet soil!” – he comments.


CHERVONETS seedbed cultivator is presented in the most completed design, being equipped with working tools of working width from 35 to 150 mm. The implement is indispensable for seedbed preparation. Due to changeable tips and S-shaped spring tine, the implement prepares perfect seedbed – even and well loosened.

с аграрием.JPG

“Taking the leading positions in tillage machinery production in Ukraine, LOZOVA MACHINERY is created to bring the highest economic benefit to farmers: qualitative work, less downtime and repairing, quick cultivation and low costs for fuel”, – Roman Girshfeld emphasizes.

LOZOVA MACHINERY is directed to the development and implementation of innovations. Last year we held a Green Tour with participation in over 100 agro events in more than 20 countries of the world. “We successfully made a debut at the exhibitions in Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Croatia, and we also presented a wide line of the versatile implements for traditional and organic agriculture in the Czech Republic,  Kazakhstan, Georgia, Armenia, and the Baltic states”, –  Vice President Sales and Marketing point out.


In 2019 LOZOVA MACHINERY introduced a new system of machinery maintenance, aiming to reduce warranty works terms. “We offer good and affordable service. If you choose LOZOVA MACHINERY, be sure that your MONEY REALLY WORKS”, – Roman Girshfeld sums up. 

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