LOZOVA MACHINERY is ready for spring tillage season

LOZOVA MACHINERY is ready for spring tillage season


LOZOVA MACHINERY is ready for spring tillage cycle and offers the farmers the line of universal implements, which create the most favorable conditions for seed cultures growing.

“The whole tillage cycle includes three main steps: stubble, autumn and spring tillage. The farmers have already done the first two steps. The most responsible step is the spring season. The most important spring operation of soil tillage is moisture retention. The simple and efficient way to prevent the soil drying is harrowing and cultivation at the depth up to 5 cm”, – Aleksey Grynenko, Chief Designer of UKBTSh, tells.

Thus, LOZOVA MACHINERY developed, adopted in production and for many years has been successfully selling on the market the line of DUCAT disc harrows, LIRA tooth harrows, CHERVONETS cultivators, which provide qualitative and energy-saving spring soil tillage. This agricultural machinery destroys the tillage pan, level the soil and stops the capillary flow-out of moisture from the deep layers, in that way strengthening the microbiological process in the soil.

In addition, farmers who didn’t cultivate the stubble remains in autumn, loose the soil more deeply up to 8-12 cm in spring. The technological process of loosening and seedbed preparation at the depth of seeds incorporation is performed by SHILLING cultivators.

In addition to traditional agricultural machinery for spring works, in 2017 LOZOVA MACHINERY produced the innovative novelty – LARI drag harrow, which is used for seedbed preparation on the previously cultivated soil. LARI drag harrow performs soil loosening and field smoothing in order to prepare the soil for seeding, to retain moisture and to destroy the weeds. Due to the convenient design of working tools, rhomb-shaped teeth, LARI easily copes with moisture without adhesion and clogging with soil. It also gives the opportunity to work on the field in any weather and earlier than other implements. The flexible joining of the harrow sections allows to follow the field surface and the rhomb-shaped teeth provide the efficient soil tillage at the depth from 3 to 8 cm.

For pre-emergence and post-emergence harrowing in order to retain the moisture, LOZOVA MACHINERY produces DINAR rotary harrow. The implement is used for overall and inter-row cultivation of grain and tilled crops, and vegetables on all kinds of soil. These harrows are used especially efficiently for heavy soil crust destruction at the depth up to 5 cm.

“The main reason of poor harvest is a wrong soil tillage technology and machinery selection. Thus, LOZOVA MACHINERY offers to farmers versatile implements, which perform several operations for one pass, creating perfect seed layer, which contains mineral and organic elements, enough amount of water and air”, – Aleksey Grynenko sums up.
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