LOZOVA MACHINERY starts supplies to Great Britain

LOZOVA MACHINERY starts supplies to Great Britain


LOZOVA MACHINERY has become the only Ukrainian producer, which presented its achievements at the large-scale exhibition of agricultural innovations LAMMA ’2019 that took place in Birmingham (Great Britain) on January 8-9.  

Among over 700 world's largest brands, LOZOVA MACHINERY demonstrated to the world agro-industry a high level of Ukrainian agricultural engineering.

“A good start of the year! LAMMA 2019 at Birmingham was very intensive and fruitful. British and Irish farmers were very excited to see a Ukrainian LOZOVA MACHINERY. As a result, we have many farmers ready to purchase and distributors/dealers agreed to invest in our brand in both the Great Britain and Ireland. LOZOVA MACHINERY is coming closer to UK farming”, – Roman Girshfeld, Vice President Sales and Marketing, points out. 

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At the stationary exposition, LOZOVA MACHINERY demonstrated the bestseller of 2018 - DUCAT-6 disc harrow with a 6-meter working width, equipped with cage roller. The original solutions presented in the line of DUCAT disc harrows allow to re-equip the implements with interchangeable rollers of five configurations, among which are also tooth, pack ring, double U-shaped and rubber. The use of rollers helps to maintain an optimal balance of moisture and organic components in the soil, improving its structure and promoting high yields.

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“We design unique machinery, taking into account the needs of farmers and focusing on the trends of the global agricultural industry, – Aleksey Grynenko, Chief Designer of the Ukrainian Design Bureau for Transmissions and Chassis (UKBTSh), comments. – We have introduced many universal adaptations for the global agricultural market in our implements. LOZOVA MACHINERY implements work effectively in any soil and climatic conditions, easily coping with heavy-going soil and agronomic tasks of varying complexity”.

Roman Girshfeld reported that LOZOVA MACHINERY has a successful collaboration experience with one of the leading British companies that manufacture specialized agricultural equipment - Larrington Trailers. In 2017, the Ukrainian manufacturer produced first universal trailers of English line - ALBION - 26, capable of carrying a wide range of loads and carrying out their unloading at a speed of 20 tons in 2.5 minutes. 


“We will continue to increase the product range of LOZOVA MACHINERY. In 2019-2020, we are going to introduce 10 novelties to the market. This is a wide range of tillage and sowing implements, as well as machinery for logistics, which correspond to the world level of agricultural engineering according to the criteria of quality, energy efficiency and reliability, - Vice President announced. - In 2019, the company plans to expand the geography of supplies and increase the share of exports in total sales to 40-45%. Farmers around the world trust our implements, because with LOZOVA MACHINERY implements MONEY REALLY WORKS!”  – Roman Girshfeld summarizes.

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