#Green Tour LOZOVA MACHINERY: results and achievements

#Green Tour LOZOVA MACHINERY: results and achievements

Green Tour

2018 for LOZOVA MACHINERY had its main focus as Green Tour. The company offered a wide range of universal implements for traditional and organic agriculture.

Additional attention to the "green" technologies is not accidental, because such a concept is relevant and very demanded on the global agricultural industry. Gentle agriculture rises the interest both abroad and in Ukraine. Therefore, LOZOVA MACHINERY presented implements, which efficiently, economically and carefully tillage all types of soil in different climatic zones. 

As part of the Green Tour, LOZOVA MACHINERY took part in more than 100 agro-events, including international and regional industry exhibitions, field demonstrations, demo-showings, and holding their own IV Field Day LOZOVA MACHINERY. 

The event was an equator of a big demo tour Green Tour. LOZOVA MACHINERY gathered at one demonstration area more than 700 agrarian industry specialists from Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhia, Donetsk, Poltava, Sumy and other regions of Ukraine, as well as farmers from other European countries, in particular the Baltic states. 

The specialty of the annual Field Day LOZOVA MACHINERY is a large-scale demonstration of the entire model range of tillage and sowing agricultural implements. The farmers could be convinced of their efficiency and reliability in practice.

Continuing to strengthen the export potential and dealer partnership, LOZOVA MACHINERY increased its presence on the world stage. The company expanded its distribution network in Germany, Poland, the Baltic countries, Moldova, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine. Georgia, Armenia, and Croatia were also added to its order portfolio. More than 10 dealer agreements were made with new partners.

In 2018, LOZOVA MACHINERY crossed the ocean for the first time and made its debut at Canada's Outdoor Farm Show, the international agricultural exhibition in Canada. Along with more than 40 thousand participants, the Ukrainian brand demonstrated reliable and highly efficient tillage implements, opening the market of the North American for export supplies. Now LOZOVA MACHINERY has an official distributor, the Canadian company Higginson Farm Equipment, which has been working in the field of agricultural implements sales for more than 100 years.

The joining to the Ukrainian Club of Agrarian Business (ASTP) was a landmark event for LOZOVA MACHINERY.

Being an active participant in the national programs for Ukrainian agricultural sector development and support, in 2018 LOZOVA MACHINERY expanded the list of implements subject to 25% state compensation on eight positions, increasing the number of such implements to 36 units. 

The farmers from Ukraine, EU countries and the CIS have already appreciated the advantages of LOZOVA MACHINERY implements. The company successfully competes with the leaders of the world agricultural engineering. LOZOVA MACHINERY product range is annually increased and updated in accordance with global trends and demands of the agrarian market.
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