DUCAT GOLD-6 disc harrow was undergone the full-scale testing

DUCAT GOLD-6 disc harrow was undergone the full-scale testing


DUCAT GOLD-6 disc harrow with working width 6 meters, one of the novelties of the agricultural machinery lines, was undergone the test on the fields of Kharkov Region. The implement cultivated the area under crops on the sunflowers and soya stubble remains. The tractor speed with power 280 h. p. is 12 km/h.

The unique implement doesn’t have any analogues and it can cultivate the stubble remains of any big-stem crops at the depth from 5 to 20 cm only for one pass. The implement is equipped with two rows of cut spherical discs with diameter 724 mm, each of them is applied for work at the big depth. Due to the load of 260 kg on each disc, the harrow provides the even soil tillage. The working bodies easily cope with the huge amount of organic mass and they aren’t clogged.

Depending on the soil complexity, climatic conditions and soil type, DUCAT GOLD-6 can be equipped with the changeable rollers. The classical equipping includes cage roller and double U-shaped roller.

According to Aleksey Grinenko, Director of Ukrainian Design Bureau of Transmission and Chassis (UKBTSh), DUCAT GOLD-6 is directed to the Ukrainian as well as foreign markets. “The harrow has optimal transporting width. The overall dimension of two semi-frames in the folded state, which are lifted up vertically, is 3х4 meters. It fully corresponds to the European standards”, – Aleksey Grinenko pointed out.

He also informed that the implement has entered into series production. Today the farmers can buy the implement by the official dealers and regional representatives of LOZOVA MACHINERY. 
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