Production route around HARP

Production route around HARP


Continuing the demonstration tours for the business representatives and potential customers, on November, 9 Kharkov Bearing Plant (HARP) opened its doors for the employees of the company Aleksta (Dnepr), which supplies industrial and agricultural products.

The exhibition participants familiarized themselves with the technology of ball bearings production for automotive, agricultural, mining and smelting industry, and for general engineering.

Tatiana Shkavro, Deputy of Chief Production Manager, demonstrated the bearings samples to the visitors and showed the basic phases of their production. The excursion started from the procurement station, where the metal is cut and the workpieces are formed. After the familiarization with the process of the workpieces mechanic treatment on the automatic-lathe section, the visitors went to the heat-treating shop. Then they visited the accurate bearings shop, where the grinding (grinding-module section) and bearings assembly (assembly section) are carried out. At the end, the exhibition participants were demonstrated HARP Test Center laboratories, where the products are controlled with the help of the modern test stands, electronic and optical devices.


The visitors expressed gratitude to the plant specialists for the interesting route, pointed out the high bearings production level, and expressed a wish to familiarize themselves with railway bearings production.

It was a final excursion of HARP presentation tour this year. The start of the next season of the demonstration tour to HARP is planned for the spring 2019.   


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