LOZOVA MACHINERY begins export of the agricultural machinery to the North America

LOZOVA MACHINERY begins export of the agricultural machinery to the North America


As a result of participation in the international trade show "Canada's Outdoor Farm Show", one of the domestic leaders in the production of agricultural machinery "LOZOVA MACHINERY" starts exporting equipment to the North America.

The event was held on September 11-13 in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada, and gathered dealers, farmers and industry professionals from across the continent. Among more than 40 thousand exhibitors demonstrating the most innovative and technologically advanced agricultural products and services, the Ukrainian manufacturer demonstrated the first achievements in the field of Ukrainian agricultural engineering.

"We are honored to represent "LOZOVA MACHINERY" in the Canadian market," says Roman Girshfeld, Vice-President for Marketing and Sales. – “After the commencement of the Free Trade Agreement between Ukraine and Canada, import duties on Ukrainian machinery are canceled, and the export process is much simplified. This gives Ukrainian producers a significant competitive advantage in the market of the Northern America. All of which is possible due to the efficient policies of the government of Ukraine. "

The largest preferences for the import of Ukrainian goods to Canada were given to producers of several industries, including machine building. In particular, the Canadian market is interested in technology with a high proportion of intellectual components.


"Canadian agriculture is one of the most productive in the world with a rapid rate of labor productivity and growing production volumes. Local farmers are interested in high-quality innovative farming techniques that increase the yield and profitability of lands. This kind of equipment what  "LOZOVA MACHINERY" is offering -  energy-efficient and reliable machinery, geared to all types of agriculture, a variety of soils, regions and climatic zones, " Roman Girschfeld notes.

High levels of soil cultivation, as well as the advantages of innovative solutions incorporated into the LOZOVA machines, were demonstrated at the exhibition by the example of the disk harrow DUKAT-6. This line of harrows is one of the full-scale in the world, represented by aggregates with a working width from 2.5 to 16.75 m.


The result of field and in-house demonstration of equipment, as well as negotiations with a number of companies of the North American continent, were preliminary agreements on building partnership relations and further joint work.

Multiple field and in-house demonstrations of equipment, as well as the negotiations with a number of companies of the North America, resulted in preliminary agreements on building partnerships and further joint work with several Canadian and international companies.

In particular, "LOZOVA MACHINERY" has obtained an official distributor, the Canadian company "Higginson Farm Equipment", which has been operating for more than 100 years in the agricultural machinery sales market. In the near future, the parties will sign an agreement, which will allow the direct delivery of machinery "LOZOVA MACHINERY" to Canada.


Higginson Farm Equipment cooperates with a number of dealers who sell the equipment to the end customer. One of the largest regional dealers from the province of Alberta has already shown great interest in the machines of the Ukrainian manufacturer. In addition, a series of demos are planned in the Ontario region to ensure that more Canadian farmers become convinced of the innovativeness and reliability of the agricultural machinery of LOZOVA MACHINERY.

"I am convinced that the first deliveries of agricultural machines to the Canadian market will be followed by a rapid expansion of the volumes and geography of sales of LOZOVA MACHINERY, including a subsequent entry to the US market," Roman Girschfeld announced. - The North Americat is one of the largest and most promising world markets and we have long been going to become its full participant. One of the decisive factors that prompted us to enter the North American continent was the positive experience of entry and development in the European market. Several years of stable presence in the EU countries have shown that we are able to compete on an equal footing with Western companies, both in terms of the quality of the equipment offered, and in innovative developments and business approaches. Today, an increasing number of farmers around the world are convinced that with "LOZOVA MACHINERY" – YOUR MONEY WORKS! ".


"LOZOVA MACHINERY" is one of the leading Ukrainian manufacturers of soil-cultivating and sowing agricultural machinery, equipment for logistics and transportation. The company's products are delivered to more than 20 countries through an official distributor - UPEC TRADING and a network of CIS, Middle East and European dealers.

Higginson Farm Equipment, founded in 1898, for more than a century of history, the company was run by representatives of four generations of the same family. The company has a reputation of a reliable supplier of equipment and offers Canadian farmers only the high-quality equipment. Higginson Farm Equipment carries out wholesale and retail sales of agricultural machinery and spare parts in Canada, as well as provides after-sales service, installation and setup services.

"Canada's Outdoor Farm Show" - the largest national exhibition of Canada, that demonstrates innovative and technological innovations in the field of agro-industrial complex for 25 years. In 2018, the event hosted more than 42,000 participants.
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