Farmers and specialists about LOZOVA MACHINERY

Farmers and specialists about LOZOVA MACHINERY


Ukrainian manufacturer of innovative energy-efficient agricultural machinery LOZOVA MACHINERY becomes more and more popular every year. The number of farmers who have made their choice in favor of the Ukrainian brand is steadily growing. Specialists of the industry are confident in the quality and reliability of the equipment – that is why they recommend it to their colleagues.

Stanislav Alenin, General Director of “Victoriia” agrocompany (Dubovy Gryady, Kharkiv region):
– We have two spring-tooth harrows LIRA and DUCAT GOLD-8. We are satisfied with their work, no claims, and we always have enough spare parts.

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Oleg Virchenko, chief agronomist of “Victoriia” agrocompany (Dubovy Gryady, Kharkiv region):
– Work tools and units are of the highest quality and show the best performance. Last autumn was very dry and we tilled the field with a lot of corn residues. DUCAT GOLD shown good work. We left a part of the filled untilled for comparison and we are satisfied with results. 

Aleksandr Tereschenko, farmer:
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– We have been using LIRA for three years. I have no complaints to its work. Now I’m thinking about buying ZLATNIK seed drill. 

Vitaliy Orlov, Head of ChSP Garant (Kranopavlovka village, Kharkiv Region):

– Our farm has a number of LOZOVA MACHINERY units: two subsoilers, three disc harrows DUCAT, two heavy tooth harrows LIRA XL and one drag harrow LARI. I recommend LOZOVA MACHINERY to all my colleagues!

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