LOZOVA MACHINERY starts demo-tour around Ukraine

LOZOVA MACHINERY starts demo-tour around Ukraine


On July, 30 LOZOVA MACHINERY starts demo-tour around Ukraine. The company will show high-quality tillage machinery in work on the fields of farms in Kiyv, Sumy, Luhansk and Donetsk regions.

During the seven-day tour there will be held six demo-shows. In particular, DUCAT-5 disc harrow, FRANC-2,5 and GULDEN-4 subsoilers will be shown in work. Farmers will be able to evaluate the quality of work on fields with various relief, soil composition and fertility and check energy-efficiency and reliability of equipment.

It is to be recalled that this year in the framework of Greentour LOZOVA MACHINERY set a goal to visit more than 20 countries and demonstrate versatility of machinery suitable for all types of agriculture, soils and regions. Special attention is paid to promotion on the domestic market with the aim to become more available to domestic farmers. All LOZOVA MACHINERY units participate in the state program of 25% costs compensation to customers. Also, on July, 26th LOZOVA MACHINERY held own Field Day and presented full line of tillage and seeding equipment, trailers. The event gathered together about 700 farmers from different regions.
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