Сhangeable rollers system for DUCAT: for all types of agriculture, soils, and regions

Сhangeable rollers system for DUCAT: for all types of agriculture, soils, and regions


Since 2018 the system of changeable rollers was implemented in the whole range of DUCAT disc harrows. Depending on exploitation conditions, agriculture type and climatic zone, the farmers can choose the necessary type from five modifications – tooth, rubber, pack ring, U-shaped, standard cage rollers. Oleksii Grynenko, LOZOVA MACHINERY Chief Designer, tells about the work features and application of each of the rollers.

Oleksii Grynenko, LOZOVA MACHINERY Chief Designer: 

Tooth roller is applied for top surface layer loosening and subsurface layer compacting, destruction of the crust, clods and cultivated field leveling. 

For seedbed preparation it is recommended to choose the roller, which works well on moisture, such as rubber roller, which is not clogged with sticky and moist soil. 

For aggressive influence on the soil and plants, the pack ring roller is used, which leaves loose, steady to the crust formation soil surface.

U-shaped is also used for moist soil: resistant to soil adherence and stones and due to self-cleaning functions there is no need for additional maintenance. The disc harrow, equipped with U-shaped rollers, copes easily with soft soil as well as with barely passable and rocky soils. Due to contact “soil with soil” U-shaped profile creates an effect of the reverse compacting, the optimal balance of water-temperature regime and good air permeability is achieved, favoring the heavy crops. 

The standard cage roller is popularly called a latticed roller. The working surface of such construction is made of the big number of the cages, which are placed at a distance one from another. During the work, the soil clods get into cages and they are crumbled due to the rotation in smaller ones.

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In our developments, we rely on the farmers demands and create machinery, which can solve any agro-economical tasks of agricultural producers. We work closely with the leading agricultural universities and research institutes of the country within Education Innovation Cluster AGROTECHNICA. According to the results of mutual researches and tests in the agro-engineering sector, we implement new technologies and update the agricultural implements ranges annually. This program of fruitful education-research-production cooperation allows us to get maximum accurate rates of experienced machinery samples work, on which base we make changes in the implements construction, produce the novelties and moves to the innovations direction. Now we work on the large-scale project, which includes Smart-technologies and machinery developments for the precise agriculture. 

We invite all domestic and foreign farmers to estimate the work of all rollers types, and also other updates of the serial LOZOVA MACHINERY implements at IV International Field Day LOZOVA MACHINERY, which will take place on July, 26 in Krasnopavlovka village, Lozova district, Kharkiv Region.        

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