On July, 26 LOZOVA MACHINERY will be presenting all the premiers of 2018 at the Field Day

On July, 26 LOZOVA MACHINERY will be presenting all the premiers of 2018 at the Field Day

New items and modifications!

The agricultural sector is developing at a swift rate. The representatives of agricultural business try to keep up with the times and quickly adapt to the changes in the market as well as natural resources, implementing new technologies and systems of the soil tillage. LOZOVA MACHINERY follows the course of the innovative development and annually supplements its agricultural machinery range with novelties, and also adds new options to serial products. LOZOVA MACHINERY has  prepared a number of updates for farmers in 2018. All these novelties will be presented in work at IV International Field Day LOZOVA MACHINERY, which will take place in Krasnopavlovka village, Lozova district, Kharkiv Region.

Gold standard of harrowing DUCAT GOLD-6 –  to be continued …

In 2018 LOZOVA MACHINERY has continued the range of heavy disc harrows and produced DUCAT GOLD disc harrows with working width 6 m, matching DUCAT GOLD-8, a world premiere of last year.

ДУКАТ GOLD - 6.jpg

Both implements are used for soil tillage on areas with stubble remains of high-stem crops and massive root system. The disc harrows evenly mix the soil and the stubble remains even on the rugged reliefs. The implements can be coupled with tractors from 300 h.p. The tillage depth is from 5 to 20 cm.
In autumn the farmers will be able to purchase the implement. In addition, LOZOVA MACHINERY is going to produce DUCAT GOLD with working width of 4 m.   

Super universality of the DUCAT range

Since 2018 the changeable rollers system was implemented in the whole range of DUCAT disc harrows. Depending on exploitation conditions, agriculture type and climatic zone, the farmers can choose the necessary type from five modifications – tooth, rubber, pack ring, U-shaped, standard cage rollers.  

Дукат-6 и его катки.jpeg

In addition, it is planned the large-scale replenishment in DUCAT disc harrows model range: the disc harrow with working width 9 m is at the development stage.

ALBION-26 trailer – innovative format

ALBION-26 modified two-axle dump semi-trailer is complemented with unloading screw and side-extended boards. New options allow to use it as a dump trailer and as powerful reloader that is capable to upload up to 20 t for 2,5 minutes. The high boards also give an opportunity to increase the transportation capacities. The trailer may be used for laying-in of fodder for animals as well as for transportation of crops, root crops, bulk construction material.


It is to be recalled that ALBION-26 was created on the base of original technologies of Larrington Trailers, British trade mark with the half a century traditions. In the near future, the trailers English line will be extended by combined grain discharger trailer. 
ZLATNIK no-till seed drill – the highlight of a season

Modernized ZLATNIK-6/5000 no-till seed drill is available now with drill mechanism electric drive, fan hydraulic drive and system of quick uploading. New equipping allows to couple drill with modern foreign tractors, to manage the seeding process at the highest level and to minimize the machinery downtimes. 


ZLATNIK no-till seed drill guarantees the perfect quality of seeding on the fields with the big amount of stubble remains. 

Improved functional of SHILLING cultivator and GULDEN/FRANC subsoilers

SHILLING-4 intensive stubble cultivator differs by the new layout, having the rubber support wheels, which allow to increase the implement passability. 


GULDEN and FRANC subsoilres have also been updated and they are available with support wheels and wear-resistant working tools HARD-SHELL™. In addition, LOZOVA MACHINERY will supplement the model range with FRANC-3 subsoiler (3 m width).      
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