HARP introduces the plant facilities and capacities

HARP introduces the plant facilities and capacities

Kharkov Bearing Plant (HARP) continues to introduce the plant facilities and capacities to the potential and current partners. On July 9, 2018 the debut excursion around the plant was conducted for Trade center LOSK managers and official dealers’ representatives.

HARP production capacities were presented by Vyacheslav Alechin, Development director, and Tatiana Shkavro, Deputy chief industrial engineer.  

The visitors were demonstrated the bearings samples and shown their main production stages, from the metal supply to the plant, its cutting, workpieces creation, their turning and thermal heating, hardening, grinding to the products manufacturing, their assembly, packing and shipping to the customer.    

The guests had an opportunity to make sure of the bearings high quality, visiting analytical, physicometallurgical, mechanical and other laboratories of HARP test center, where all types of incoming and outcoming products control are conducted through measurements and analytical studies. The plant laboratories are equipped with modern test stands, electronic and optical devices. 


According to Yuriy Kazmerchuk, salesman of the spare parts for cars, the design and quality of the current bearings are on the high level, year by year they become more durable and wearproof.

Nikolay Malinovskiy, who visited HARP, extended thanks to the plant specialists for the interesting routes and wonderful excursion organization. He also pointed out the high level of bearings production: “The plant visiting helped me to destroy a myth about old machine tools, exhausted workers, dirty and noisy shops. I made sure that HARP always moves further and the developments on new technologies implementation are always conducted. I was pleasantly surprised, when I saw the modern machine-tool park and measuring equipment. It is a real example of European standard”.  


Aleksandr Krivosheev, representative of auto repair shop, liked the excursion and it helped to clarify a number of questions, concerning raw materials and spare parts suppliers for HARP products and warranty period of bearings exploitation. 

Previously the educational webinar was conducted for excursionists, where Vitaliy Poletaev, Head of Product development department, told about variety, design features and advantages of the bearing plant.

Natalia Akimenko is sure that such industrial tours will allow to find out more about HARP, as a powerful modern enterprise with 70-years history and to see how the plant works and develops. “We are really open and innovative company, which improves its knowledge and technologies that our clients can get the qualitative products”, – Natalia Akimenko tells.

According to Natalia Akimenko, such introductory event is interesting for foreign dealers. “Recently the management team of JSC IGNERA, official HARP dealer in Latvia and Lithuania, expressed a whish to visit the plant, – Marketing director points out.   


The similar event is supposed to be organized on July, 13. Everyone can join the excursion, calling by phone: (057) 713-04-62, (057) 711-21-54, mobile. 050 343 26 23 (from 9.00 a.m. до 4 p.m.).


Kharkov Bearing Plant (HARP) is the only domestic producer of bearings products in Ukraine. The enterprise has 70-years history, where over 1500 employees work. The unique and innovative HARP products are widely applied. They are supplied in 5 directions: agricultural sector, automotive industry, railway vehicle, mining and metals sector, general engineering.

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