Advanced HARP technologies on guard of the customers interests

Advanced HARP technologies on guard of the customers interests


Kharkov Bearing Plant (HARP) is attentive to customers’ interests and needs, offering unique and individual design solutions. This business model allows the enterprise to use both classical and innovative technologies in manufacturing products, corresponding to advanced world practices applied in the bearing industry.

"We are oriented both to a wide range of customers and to narrow customer segments, – says Vladimir Kokhanov, HARP General Director. – Our customers have the opportunity to choose the manufacturing method, or to take advantage of other options offered by HARP specialists. This system of work makes it possible to be flexible and build relationships with customers of any level".   

One of such options, which the plant is ready to offer to customers, is used in the production of HARP AGRO bearings for agricultural machinery, as well as components for general industrial.

Along with the standard full-profile turning of the outer and inner rings of ball and roller bearings, HARP actively uses the cold rolling method. "This innovative and unique method is becoming more and more demanded in the current conditions. The method is quite simple: there is a redistribution of the metal under some pressure, and due to reduced thickness of the spare part wall, its diameter increases, while the mass remains unchanged, – Vladimir Kokhanov says. –  The first experience of the cold rolling was in the 80's, and this method has become more widespread since 2002".

Today, this operation is performed on the special energy-intensive equipment with a capacity of 146 kW, which was manufactured by the German company Profiroll Technologies in accordance with HARP's requirements specification. A number of engineering tools of URWA 100 and URWA 250 models works at the plant.

"The expediency of the method is obvious. As a result, the workpiece turns out to be of a higher quality with improved strength characteristics, – General Director points out. – The increased service life and wear resistance of the bearing are also among the advantages. This is especially important in the units with increased load capacity, working in conditions of high dust and in contact with corrosive environments. This, above all, concerns the agricultural sector”.

In addition, the service life of the products is greatly increased due to structure tightening and fibers orientation.

Real experience of exploitation of HARP AGRO bearings, manufactured with application of cold rolling and unique lubrication systems, confirms the increased strength and wear resistance rates of the bearing, demonstrating an increased service life by 20% comparing to bearings manufactured by the "classical" method.

In addition to agricultural machinery, bearings made with the cold rolling are successfully used in the industrial equipment of large industrial enterprises. The increased service life of bearings improves the efficiency and reliability of equipment, helps to avoid downtime and significantly reduces operating costs.

Plastic deformation by the cold method also makes it possible to increase the volume of the manufactured products (creating one component takes from 4 to 12 seconds, and this is 5-6 times faster than in machining process) and reduce production cycles. Thus, the company is able to meet the growing demand for these types of products using modern technologies.

The key values of the enterprise involve the development and multiplication of the best engineering traditions, and at the same time creation of innovative products that can make the world more perfect.

"Our current priority directions are the expansion and improvement of the plant's technological capabilities, the modernization of production facilities and increasing of  the supplies geography”, – Vladimir Kokhanov summarizes and recalls that HARP offers competitive products for a wide range of applications: for general engineering and agrarian sector, for the automotive and railway industries, for mining and metallurgical complex. The geography of the plant's supplies covers 32 countries.

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