LOZOVA MACHINERY sums up the results of participation in the International Field Days Ukraine

LOZOVA MACHINERY sums up the results of participation in the International Field Days Ukraine


LOZOVA MACHINERY sums up the results of participation in one of the large-scale specialized events International Field Days Ukraine, which took place on June 20-22 on the fields of Doslidnytske village, Vasylkiv district, Kyiv Region.

LOZOVA MACHINERY demonstrated DUCAT-12 wide-level disc harrow and updated GULDEN subsoiler. The stationary exposition was presented by ALBION-26 modified two-axle dump semi-trailer and SHILLING-4 stubble cultivator.

"According to the results of participation in one of the most significant events for the agrarian sector, we reached an agreement with two agroholdings for the supply of ALBION-26 two-axle semi-trailer, – Aleksandr Titov, Sales Director, points out. – In addition, we are planning to supply a batch of LARI heavy drag harrows to another large agrarian company".


Sales Director also adds that farmers still have big interest to GULDEN subsoiler and DUCAT disc harrow, which can be equipped with five different rollers (tooth, rubber, pack ring, U-shaped and standard cage ones). Farmers can choose the appropriate option, depending on the desired degree of roller impact to the soil surface.


The International Field Days Ukraine is one of the significant events for LOZOVA MACHINERY. Within the Green Tour, the company continues to demonstrate the unique implements for all types of agriculture and soils at specialized events in Ukraine and abroad.


It is to be recalled that on July 26, 2018, LOZOVA MACHINERY will hold one of the most large-scale events of southeastern Ukraine – IV International Field Day LOZOVA MACHINERY. The Ukrainian manufacturer will demonstrate the entire range of energy-efficient machinery with a high share of the intellectual component. Farmers will be able to estimate all the advantages of domestic production according to the results of their work directly on the field. 


LOZOVA MACHINERY is one of the leading domestic manufacturers of equipment for logistics and transportation, tillage and seeding. Machinery is included in the national program of 25% cost compensation. The company's products are supplied to more than 20 countries through the official distributor – UPEC TRADING and a network of dealers in the CIS, Middle East and Europe.

International Field Days Ukraine is an exhibition of modern technologies for increasing effectiveness of crop sector. The event is an open independent area for communication of experts, suppliers of seeds, fertilizers, crop protection agents, agricultural machinery and farmers. The organizers – DLG Ukraine, German-Ukrainian Agrarian demonstration and training center, IFWexpo Heidelberg GmbH. The professional appraisal is conducted by DLG e.V. and UkrNIIPIT named after L. Pogoreliy.

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