LOZOVA MACHINERY innovative novelties at NNAU Field Day

LOZOVA MACHINERY innovative novelties at NNAU Field Day


On May 30, 2018, LOZOVA MACHINERY presented innovative novelties of tillage implements at the Field Day of Nikolaev National Agrarian University.

On the university's demonstration field, one of the LOZOVA MACHINERY novelties, DINAR rotary harrow with working width of 6,4 meter, completed an inter-row tillage of seed corn at the depth of 60 cm.

“DINAR-6,4 rotary harrow perfectly coped with the crust and weeds without damaging the root system of plants”, - tells Aleksey Grynenko, Chief Designer of the Ukrainian Transmissions And Chassis Design Bureau.


The rotary harrow is designed for continuous and inter-row tillage of various grain and tilled crops, as well as vegetables on all soil types. In addition, DINAR is used especially effectively for the destruction of heavy soil crust, while the soil is richly saturated with oxygen.

During the Field Day, DUCAT-GOLD with working width of 6 meters was firstly demonstrated in work.


The novelty is designed for tillage in areas with stubble remains of crops with high stems and a massive root system. The implement ensures uniform mixing of soil and plant residues, even on complex soils.

DUCAT GOLD-6 became a continuation of the heavy disc harrows line. Last year at the exhibition Agritechnica-2017 in Hanover, LOZOVA MACHINERY demonstrated a world premiere – DUCAT GOLD-8, which is already mass-produced and demanded among farmers. The mass production of DUCAT GOLD-6 will be launched in autumn. In addition, the company will be expanding the line of DUCAT GOLD harrows and will continue work on the creation of a 4-meter heavy implement.


"At NNAU Field Day DINAR rotary harrow, as well as DUCAT GOLD – 6 heavy tooth harrow shown perfect quality of work", – Aleksey Grynenko sums up. 
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