Test drive of DUCAT-GOLD-6 disc harrow

Test drive of DUCAT-GOLD-6 disc harrow


In April 2018, specialists of the Ukrainian Design Bureau of Transmissions and Chassis (UKBTSh) carried out the assembly, setting and adjustment of the prototype of the heavy disc harrow DUCAT-GOLD with a working width of 6 meters on the base of the Nikolaev National Agrarian University.

Putting into operation was successful. Today the harrow is passing the test drive directly on the fields of the university.

According to Chief Designer of UKBTSh Aleksey Grynenko, the premiere of DUCAT-GOLD-6 disc harrow will be held in autumn 2018. "After testing, correction of the documentation and preparing the production, we will start serial production of this harrow. This autumn the farmers will be able to purchase the aggregate and evaluate it in action", he announced.

The harrow is designed for tillage in areas with stubble residues of crops with high stems and massive root system. The implement provides uniform mixing of the soil and plant residues, even on complex terrain. Harrow can be aggregated with a tractor of 300 hp. The working depth is from 5 to 20 cm.


"One of the advantages is that the harrow can easily move along roads of general purpose” – A. Grynenko notes. In the transport position the structure consists of two half-frames which are raised vertically upwards, the dimension of the machine is 3x4 meters, which corresponds to the European requirements.

Another advantage is a frame, adapted for the different types of rollers. The harrow can be assembled with a standard tube roller as well as a heavy П-shaped roller. Original design solutions will allow farmers to work effectively with any kind of soil in different climatic zones.

The unit is equipped with a rubber damper, providing absorption in the transport position. The harrow also has a unique system of clamping the central tine which provides a high ground clearance during transportation. This is important on the plains, hills and exits.

DUCAT GOLD-6 continues the line of heavy disc harrows. Last year the company made a world premiere of DUCAT GOLD with a working width of 8 meters at AGRITECHNICA-2017 in Germany. Today the unit is put into mass production and is in demand among farmers.

Heavy disc harrows are most relevant for Ukrainian farmers in the conditions of annual growth of row crops, which for today are already about 50% in the structure of sown areas.


"Tilled crops with high stems, such as corn and sunflower, are increasingly gaining popularity in Ukraine and changing the structure of crop areas. Today, sunflower is an undoubted leader, so-called "king of the fields". Also among the leaders in the structure of crops is corn. Harrowing on these crops is quite specific and that is why we created a heavy disc harrow capable to work on heavy stubble", – says the Chief Designer.

The company plans to continue development of the model range of disc harrows. "We will continue to increase the DUCAT GOLD line. At the moment we are working on the 4-meter heavy unit", – sums up A. Grynenko. 
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