LOZOVA MACHINERY joined the Ukrainian Agribusiness Club (UCAB) and became the only domestic producer of the agricultural implements among the association members.

“To be the first and the best is that LOZOVA MACHINERY is seeking to and what unites our company and UCAB”, – Roman Girshfeld, Vice President Sales and Marketing, points out.

The own unique developments and patented solutions, implemented in LOZOVA MACHINERY tools, allowed the company to be the first, who brought to the market Ukrainian implements of the global level of quality and reliability, and to compete with the leading producers of agricultural machinery.  

“We use an individual approach, when we design each of the agricultural implements, putting in a unique conception of the constructive solutions and showing the highest demands to the quality, reliability and productivity parameters of the implements in order to correspond the farmers’ needs, – Aleksey Grinenko, Chief Designer, tells. – For example, LIRA tooth harrow is a first mass-produced LOZOVA MACHINERY implement. In 2000’s it became a real breakthrough on the Ukrainian market of agricultural implements and still, it occupies the leading positions in this segment, making a name “legendary” for itself".             

Today LOZOVA MACHINERY offers a wide range of energy-efficient implements, helping the farmers to save the soil fertility, to get heavy yields and finally, to increase the income from year to year, from yield to yield. Annually thousands of Ukrainian and foreign farmers prefer Ukrainian producer by choosing the implements and make sure that with LOZOVA MACHINERY – MONEY REALLY WORKS!       

Taking into account the intensity of agriculture developing, the continuous development, expanding of product range, modernization of the existed products, entering to new segments of agricultural machinery markets allow LOZOVA MACHINERY to be in demand.     

Thus, last year the traditional range of tooth harrows was replenished by heavy implements – LIRA XL with working width 15 and 21 meters. In the assemblage with heavy drag harrows LARI they present a new generation of the large-format combined agricultural implements. The implements are easily transformed from spring harrows into drag harrows and vice-versa due to unified frame, what allows the farmer to get practically two implements for the price of one.     

The range of DUCAT disc harrows is increased annually. The new representatives appear as well as the possibilities of equipping widen. For example, from this year the farmers can choose one variant of five rollers (needle, rubber, dish-shaped, p-shaped and standard rod-shaped), depending on the desirable level of effects of the roller on the soil surface.           

Last year the harrowing classic was supplemented with heavy implements for work on tilled crops – DUCAT GOLD disc harrow. This implement has become a global premiere on the largest and the most important exhibition Agritechnica-2017 in Germany, where LOZOVA MACHINERY presented a Ukrainian producer with dignity. 

“At the exhibition in Hannover last year as well as in 2015 LOZOVA MACHINERY became the only Ukrainian company, which presented the achievements of domestic engineering in the segment of tillage and seeding implements to the global agricultural society”Roman Girshfeld tells. 

It is to be pointed out that LOZOVA MACHINERY is an active participant in the international exhibitions. Last year the company took part in more than 100 events within the tour #lozovamachinery100. This year we are going to visit over 20 countries of Europe and CIS within Greentour in order to demonstrate the universality of the implements to the farmers, working in accordance with traditional as well as gentle energy-saving technologies.    

The 25% compensation of LOZOVA MACHINERY implements costs attracts the Ukrainian farmers.

“The joining of LOZOVA MACHINERY to Ukrainian Agribusiness Club is our next step in order to foresee new demands of the farmers and meet the market’s needs beforehand, offering innovative energy-efficient technologies for all types of agriculture, soils, and regions”, – Roman Girshfeld sums up. 



Association ‘Ukrainian Agribusiness Club’ was founded in 2007 on the initiative of five AIC Ukrainian companies. Today the association takes the position №1 in the domestic agro-industrial sector, uniting over 100 significant representatives of the industry – agricultural enterprises and suppliers of agricultural resources, aiming to the following development of the domestic agribusiness.      

LOZOVA MACHINERY is a domestic brand of tillage and seeding agricultural implements, which are presented by more than 10 innovative product ranges, corresponding to the highest quality demands and market demands. The products are supplied to more than 20 countries through official distributor – UPEC TRADING and the network of dealers in CIS, Middle East, and Eastern Europe.    
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