The highlights of the large scale exposition of LOZOVA MACHINERY at the largest international exhibition GRAIN TECH EXPO 2018 (February, 21-23, Kyiv) were classic models, which became legendary, and state-of-art novelties of wide width farm equipment.

“New series of composite multi-functional implements of LOZOVA MACHINERY allow to reduce a number of passes, increase crop capacity and save unique potential of Ukrainian chernozemic soils”, – points out Vice President Sales and Marketing, Roman Girshfeld

For example, LIRA XL heavy tooth harrow can complete 5 operations for one pass. The implement can be equipped with LARI drag harrow due to unified frame construction. The farmer gets two tools in one.


DINAR universal rotary harrow with working width of 6,4 m was among novelties presented at the exhibition. CHERVONETS-8 seedbed cultivator also attracted the visitors.


DUCAT-6 disc harrow and legendary LIRA-15 tooth harrow presented classic of harrowing.


The LIRA-15 was the main reason to visit stand for Vitaliy Lupashko, a representative of the LLC POBEDA-12 (Belgorod Dnestrovsky, Odessa Region): “I heard many positive feedbacks about LOZOVA MACHINERY implements. They said that price is totally reasonable”

Andrey Tkachenko, representative of LLC MOROVSK ( Maksim village, Chernigov Region) chose DINAR rotary harrow. “Since 2001 I have been farming and I haven’t met such quality as LOZOVA MACHINERY has. LIRA 15-meter tooth harrow has worked four years and there is no complains – without any welding seams, qualitative metal. Recently I bought cultivator. DINAR attracted me by production technology and its functions – it allows to make inter-row of necessary size, tillage any crop, provides oxygen to the plant and good vegetation to the wheat”, – sums up the farmer. 


“We see a great interest of farmers, using traditional as well as energy saving technologies, to our implements, which allow to save energy resources and till gently”, – tells Roman Girshfeld.


According to him, the organic farming is the most developing branch. Today Ukraine takes 11 place in Europe regarding area of organic farmings and their areas has increased by 54% for the last 5 years.

“LOZOVA MACHINERY starts Greentour this year to support green technologies and to demonstrate versatility of agricultural implements, which can be used for all types of farming, variety of soils and regions”, – tells Roman Girshfeld.

Within Greentour LOZOVA MACHINERY is going to visit over 20 SIC and Europe states. Italy, Spain, Finland, Croatia will be visited for the first time.

It is to be recalled that within the last year tour #lozovamachinery100, LOZOVA MACHINERY took part in 100 agro-events, in particular the largest international exhibitions. At AGRITECHNICA-2017 in Germany LOZOVA MACHINERY was the only Ukrainian brand for tillage implements.

“The global agricultural society appreciated innovative solutions, implemented in LOZOVA MACHINERY. We showed that we can compete with world leaders not only on Ukrainian and SIC market, but also in Europe. Today we have signed a number of dealer agreements with companies from Sweden, Ireland, Germany. In January we delivered the first LIRA tooth harrow to Germany and we are preparing DUCAT disc harrows for delivery. The number of dealers and sells has increased in the countries, where LOZOVA MACHINERY is presented – Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland” – informs Roman Girshfeld.   


He adds that this year LOZOVA MACHINERY isn’t going to slow down and it will be presented at more than 100 international exhibitions, demo-showings and will conduct traditional LOZOVA MACHINERY Field Day.

In addition, in 2018 LOZOVA MACHINERY will present a number of novelties, including 8-meters medium cultivator, FRANC-3 subsoiler and also DUCAT GOLD disc harrows with working width of 4 and 6 meters.   

“DUCAT GOLD with working width of 8 m and discs diameter of 724 mm, which production was launched last year, raised huge interest among domestic farmers, – points out Roman Girshfeld. – It is designed for work on stubble remains of tillage crops, which cover almost a half of crop areas in Ukraine. In order to enable every farmer to work on large-stem crops, we created 6- meters DUCAT GOLD, which is trailed with tractor of 300 hp power and  4-meters DUCAT GOLD for XTZ tractors of 150-220 hp power”.   

The mass produced ALBION-26 trailer of English line will be available since summer with additional set of options, including coil conveyor for grain transfer, and the line will be supplemented with multi-purpose discharging trailer.

The next plan of LOZOVA MACHINERY is the development and production of the whole range of one-way ploughs.  

“Ukrainian market and domestic farmers need qualitative innovative energy-efficient machinery, especially today, when the national program of domestic producers support is in force”, – tells Roman Girshfeld.  


It is to be recalled that in 2018 the compensation rate has been increased from 20 to 25%. The 25% compensation is available for all implements since January, 1 till the end of the year. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the respective program of agricultural sector at the session on February, 7. The state budget provides UAH 945 mln for these purposes and it is twice as much than last year.           

All the LOZOVA MACHINERY implements are included in the list of agricultural equipment that is liable for 25% compensation and, so the farmers can get back a quarter of money, spent for purchasing of domestically produced energy efficient implements. 


“More and more farmers convince that with LOZOVA MACHINERY – MONEY REALLY WORKS!” – sums up Roman Girshfeld.    

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