LOZOVA MACHINERY increases the sales level on the Kazakh market

LOZOVA MACHINERY increases the sales level on the Kazakh market


LOZOVA MACHINERY increases the sales level on the Kazakh market according to the results of KAZAGRO-2017 (Astana, October 22-25).

The interest for energy-efficient LOZOVA MACHINERY tillage implements was traditionally high among more than 300 companies from 32 countries that have introduced their newest technologies and products for agriculture.

"Many farmings were interested in disc harrows DUCAT. There was also a high demand for GULDEN subsoiler and SHILLING cultivator. The Kazakh market is presented by energy-rich tractors, both foreign and, for example, Russian KIROVETS of models from K-200 to К-744р4. So the farmers are more interested in our wide-coverage implements – disc harrows DUCAT of 8-12 meters, SHILLING cultivator with working width of 4,6,8 and 12 meters and GULDEN subsoiler with working width of 4 meters,  –  says Eduard Chudopalov, Export Director.  

Over 20 successful meetings were conducted during the exhibition with representatives of dealer companies as well as large farmings which are interested in LOZOVA MACHINERY implements.  

The Sales Director notes that the participation in such exhibitions allows to stimulate the market, analyze the current situation in the foreign trade relations and the most important – to find out the customers opinions about the machinery. 

For example, the director of SHATYLO and K farm, being a part of ATAMEKEN holding, Oleg Adam, who visited our stand, highly appreciated the quality of DUCATs production and the quality of performed operations.

"In July 2017, ATAMEKEN purchased two implements DUCAT-12. According to farming director, each of them worked over 6000 hectares without any breakdowns and showed very good results. The holding is going to purchase another 4 similar LOZOVA MACHINERY implements”, – notes Eduard Chudopalov.  

The revival of the agrarian sector in Kazakhstan is conditioned by a higher yield in the region. The farmers are in need of high-qualitative and productive agricultural machinery, which will improve the efficiency of the agrarian business. LOZOVA MACHINERY offers a wide range of tillage machinery with innovative energy efficient technologies, which allow not only demonstrate the good results in one pass but also to save the resources.


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