Field Day!

On July 28, 2017 the traditional Field Day LOZOVA MACHINERY was held in Krasnopavlovka village, Lozova district, Kharkiv region.

During the event there was demonstrated a full range of domestic energy-efficient tillage and seeding machines, which have a high share of intelligence. More than 20 aggregates of the LOZOVA MACHINERY brand demonstrated their performance in the field! In particular – all new and unique products, presented in 2017.


Acting General Director of LLC LKMZ Aleksey Rubchev noted in his opening speech, that at the Field Day there are presented the best samples of domestic agricultural machinery, which have proved themselves in Ukrainian market.


One of the long-awaited events was demonstration of a new product of season – the DUCAT-GOLD heavy disc harrow with working width of 8 m and disc diameter of 724 mm, which has no analogues in Ukraine neither among domestic manufacturers nor foreign. For the first time heavy aggregates – LIRA tooth harrow and LARI drag harrow – demonstrated their performance in field.

People’s Deputy of Ukraine, Executive Director of the National Committee for Industrial Development of Ukraine, Honorary President of PJSC UPEC Anatoliy Girshfeld noted in his welcome speech, that LOZOVA MACHINERY has been in the top league for a long time, successfully competing with world leading manufacturers of trailed agricultural machinery. 


He also noted, that the Field Day LOZOVA MACHINERY is a special day twice, because during a session of the AGROTECHNIKA cluster representatives of engineering and agro-industrial enterprises of the country, engineering centers, leading agricultural universities determine new requirements for domestic agricultural machinery that meet the highest world standards for precise, energy-efficient agriculture. "It will be a new step for a whole domestic agricultural engineering and a certain direction of its development", said Anatoliy Girshfeld.

Director of the Department of Agriculture of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration Aleksandr Nedzyur highlighted, that agriculture is a crucial industry, which shows positive dynamics of development:

"The potential of Ukrainian agriculture strengthens every year and allows not only to meet food needs of a population, but also to export a significant part of the products. For example, last year an export of agricultural products amounted to 44% in the region, and the total sum of exports amounted to almost half a billion dollars. Today the agrarian business is highly technological and requires constant technical modernization of the entire material base. Thus, in 2016 agricultural enterprises of the region purchased equipment for almost 1 billion UAH, and in the first half of 2017 – almost 900 million UAH".


In addition, Director of the Department of Agriculture noted an important initiative on compensation to farmers 20% of the domestic agricultural machines cost: "Implementation of this program on the one hand will support domestic industrial enterprises of the country, on the other hand will help agricultural manufacturers to purchase modern domestic equipment at lower prices. And it is nice that LOZOVA MACHINERY is involved in this program".

It should be recalled, that LOZOVA MACHINERY, being an exemplary Ukrainian company with a level of localization over 80%, has been included in the list of domestic equipment, which cost is partly compensated from a state budget (20% of the cost). 

"Now, when farmers buy the LOZOVA MACHINERY aggregates, they not only receive energy-efficient high-performance equipment, but also get back a fifth of its value. With LOZOVA MACHINERY – MONEY WORK, and now is also partially compensated!", – said Vice President Sales and Marketing Roman Girschfeld in his speech. He also noted that due to the high standards of quality, reliability and innovation, LOZOVA MACHINERY brand strengthens its position in the Ukrainian market and increases the share of its presence in the European market.


"This year we have set an ambitious goal – to take part in 100 agriculture events: Field Days, demo shows, exhibitions. The Field Day LOZOVA MACHINERY is our 57th event. Participation in the AGRITECHNICA-2017 (Hanover, Germany) will be our 100th event. Follow our mega-tour around the countries and fields of Ukraine, the CIS and Europe in the social network Facebook by hashtag #LozovaMachinery100", – said Roman Girshfeld.

Mayor of Lozovaya city Sergey Zelenskiy expressed gratitude to the People's Deputy of Ukraine Anatoliy Girshfeld and Lozova Forging-Mechanical Plant (LKMZ), which is the city-forming enterprise with a great influence on the development of Lozovaya city. "Anatoliy Girshfeld and management of LKMZ always help with solving significant social issues. For example, roads construction, repairs of schools and kindergartens, improvement of the health care and much more. Thanks to such enterprises like LKMZ, our city keeps leadership positions in the region. As an agrarian, I urge everyone to buy the LOZOVA MACHINERY aggregates which are well known for their advanced technologies”, – said Sergey Zelenskiy.

In his turn, Head of the Garant Private Agricultural Company, owner of the field provided for this event, Vitaliy Orlov recommended the LARI drag harrow, which has passed testing in the field this spring, and cultivated more than 1000 ha with excellent results.

Chairman of the Lozovaya District State Administration Sergey Krasnoperov noted, that the Field Day LOZOVA MACHINERY has become a good tradition in the hospitable Lozovaya district, and wished the agrarians good harvests, health and a peaceful sky. And Director of the Agriculture Mechanization and Electrification Institute (IMESH) Valeriy Adamchuk noted in his speech, that the LOZOVA MACHINERY aggregates correspond to the high level of world agricultural engineering, and thanks to such manufacturers like LKMZ, domestic seeding and tillage machinery prevail in Ukrainian market.

Head of the Ukrainian Research Institute of Forecasting and Testing Machinery and Technologies named after L. Pogoreliy, Vladimir Kravchuk, Doctor of Engineering Science, noted that quality of aggregates is improved every year, while product range is constantly growing.


Head of the Department of Production Management and Agribusiness of the Kharkiv National Agrarian University named after V.V. Dokuchaev, Aleksandr Ulyanchenko, added that today machines and equipment play an important role in improving the efficiency of agriculture, and LOZOVA MACHINERY is a good example”.


Every year the Field Day LOZOVA MACHINERY becomes more popular. This year over 700 people have visited the event, among them heads of agricultural companies, regional and district associations of employers in the agricultural industry, representatives of research and educational institutions, as well as specialists in the agrarian sector from various regions of Ukraine (Kharkiv, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporizhia, Donetsk, Poltava , Sumy, etc.), from the Baltic countries and Europe.


Visitors could also see a spectacular so-called “Parade of DUCATS” – demonstration of the fullest range of Ukrainian harrows with working width from 2,5 to 16,75 m. 


 Representative of the Scientific-Production Limited Liability Company Stek Sergey Musilenko admitted that he was impressed with the range of DUCAT disc harrows. The agrarian is already familiar with the LOZOVA MACHINERY aggregates: "For more than 8 years I have been using the LIRA-15 spring tooth harrow. We use it for soil cultivation, as well as for incorporation of fertilizers. This is a high-quality, reliable equipment". Representative of the MAI farm Aleksandr Moskovchenko agrees with him: "For two years we have been using the DUCAT-5 disc harrow. Let me highlight positive impressions from work, good quality of tillage and reliability. LOZOVA MACHINERY is our domestic manufacturer, which we trust and recommend to agrarians from other regions as well".


In addition to a wide range of tillage and seeding equipment there were presented trailers of the English series for transportation of agricultural products (in particular, the ALBION-26 two-axle dump trailer), HARP AGRO UNIT bearing units for domestic and imported machinery, HARP AGRO bearings , spare parts for agricultural machinery and other products.


A session of the expert-coordinating council of the AGROTECHNIKA cluster was held within a program of the event. The cluster is one of the successful examples of private-state partnerships, and its participants are organizers of the Field Day LOZOVA MACHINERY.

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During the session of council another two participants have joined the cluster – the National Science Center Agriculture Mechanization and Electrification Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (NNTs IMESH) and Kharkiv National Agrarian University named after V.V. Dokuchaev (KhNAU).


At the end of the event one of machines took part in a draw. Vasiliy Dudchenko, head of the farm from Blizniukiv district of Kharkiv region has become a happy new owner of the SHILLING-3 stubble cultivator.


“The prize was really unexpected for me”, – says the farmer and adds, that after presentation he is interested in DUCAT-5 disc harrow and LIRA-15 sprig tooth harrow. “I was going to update my machine fleet. I decided to buy some LOZOVA MACHINERY aggregates after demonstration of their work in the field. It is very important that such modern and high-performance machinery can be mounted to tractors with low power, as far as I use MTZ tractors”, – says Vasiliy Dudchenko.


The Field Day LOZOVA MACHINERY presented state-of-art technologies for soil cultivation and energy-efficient solutions in agriculture, as well as achievements of Kharkiv region by an example of LOZOVA MACHINERY, with which MONEY–WORK, and now can be partially compensated! 



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