LOZOVA MACHINERY at AgroExpo-2017: in keeping with the best traditions of global agricultural engineering

LOZOVA MACHINERY at AgroExpo-2017: in keeping with the best traditions of global agricultural engineering


On September 20-23 LOZOVA MACHINERY presented a wide range of seeding and tillage equipment, as well as new innovative developments, at the AgroExpo international agricultural exhibition.

In the center of attention of visitors of the largest exposition, located on 1200 m2, were LIRA-XL heavy tooth harrows (15 and 21 m.) and DUCAT GOLD heavy disc harrow with working width of 8 m and discs diameter of 724 mm, which has no analogues in the world market of agricultural machinery.


Along with above mentioned “heavy guns”, the GULDEN and FRANC subsoilers are in the high demand this year, as well as line of DUCAT disc harrows and legendary LIRA tooth harrows.


“For more than 15 years of presence in the market, the LIRA tooth harrows have been holding leading positions in the segment of tooth harrows. DUCAT harrows are the main players in the Ukrainian market of disc harrows. GULDEN and FRANC are confidently approaching the leaders in the segment of subsoilers. Position of CHERVONETS and SHILLING cultivators in this segment is not so confident, but their share is constantly growing”, says Roman Girshfeld, Vice President Sales and Marketing of the UPEC IG.


The unquenchable interest in LOZOVA MACHINERY implements is simply explained: modern agricultural units help agrarians to reduce their costs for growing crops, get a high yield with maximum protection of soil resources. The visitors were able to check this in person during the field demonstrations. The SHILLING-4 stubble cultivator, FRANC-2,5 subsoiler and DUCAT-5 disc harrow showed high efficiency and excellent results in one pass despite the arid weather conditions and hard soil.

The agreements on the supply of LOZOVA MACHINERY units for more than UAH 30 million were reached with large and medium-sized farms during the business meetings. Vice President Sales and Marketing specifies that it is a question of sales of the line of DUCAT disc harrows, including DUCAT GOLD, the LIRA and LIRA XL tooth harrows, the GULDEN and FRANC subsoilers. "As our great success we can also consider pre-orders for the first batch of trailers from the English line – Albion-26", – adds Roman Girshfeld.


AgroExpo is the 80th event on the account of LOZOVA MACHINERY. It should be recalled that LOZOVA MACHINERY planned to participate in 100 events during 2017: Field Days, demo-shows, exhibitions, conferences. One of the last events will be participation in the largest agro-industrial exhibition in the world – AGRITECHNICA-2017, which will be held on November 12-18 in Hanover (Germany). Like at the previous AGRITECHNICA-2015 exhibition, LOZOVA MACHINERY will be the only Ukrainian company that will represent tillage and seeding units. And this year the exhibition area will be bigger, and presented product line will be wider.


LOZOVA MACHINERY is constantly improving its products, ensuring their competitiveness, as well as develops new models and whole product lines that correspond to the high level of world agricultural engineering, and gain popularity among Ukrainian and European farmers.


"Every year we increase the share of our presence in the European market. But first of all, we are focused on developing the Ukrainian market – here we have constant contact with agricultural producers, we see and know the needs of farmers, we quickly react to them, creating the most relevant products for our market. A good example is DUCAT GOLD heavy disc harrow, designed for work on the crop residues, which today constitute almost half of the areas of Ukraine, and its share annually grows by 2-3%”, – says Roman Girshfeld.


Another important factor and significant assistance to domestic farmers is 20% compensation when purchasing LOZOVA MACHINERY units.

"The compensation program is an important and necessary initiative of the Government. However, the energy efficiency and reliability of machinery still remain main factors for farmers. LOZOVA MACHINERY finds its markets exactly due to these criteria", notes Roman Girshfeld and sums up: With LOZOVA MACHINERY you can be sure, that your MONEY WORKS, and now is also partially compensated".

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