LOZOVA MACHINERY presented unique aggregates at AGRO-2017

LOZOVA MACHINERY presented unique aggregates at AGRO-2017


On June, 7 at the International Agroindustrial Exhibition AGRO-2017 Kyiv) LOZOVA MACHINERY presented a wide range of modern agricultural machinery, including unique implements that haven’t been put on the Ukrainian market yet.

The heavy disc harrows DUCAT GOLD with working width of 8 m became an absolutely novelty.

"DUCAT GOLD with discs diameter more than 700 mm has the biggest working width among heavy harrows. There aren't any analogs of this new product", – points out Vice President Sales and Marketing of the UPEC IG Roman Girshfeld.


The big discs diameter (726 mm) at loads of 260 kg allows the implement to cope with any stubble remains, including maize, sunflowers and others crops with large stems. The relevance of new implement is significant on the Ukrainian market in the conditions of annual tilled crops growth in the crops structure and steadily decreasing agricultural terms.

"In 2016 tilled crops came to almost a half of the area under crops in Ukraine – 48% or 12,9 millions hectares. Their share is growing by 3% annually. The DUCAT GOLD disc harrow was designed to enable farmers to work qualitative with such complex crops. It shows excellent results of the tillage to a depth up to 20 cm and more on heavy stubble after tilled crops", – tells Roman Girshfeld and announces the expansion of heavy implements product line.


"Consequently we will perform the range of heavy disc harrow with working width from 4 to 8 meters. This year we plan to produce 6-meters DUCAT GOLD", – says Vice President Sales and Marketing of the UPEC IG. Roman Girshfeld also reminded that this year LOZOVA MACHINERY has expanded the range of legendary hydraulic spring-tooth harrows LIRA and launched production of heavy implements LIRA XL in two modifications – in the form of drag harrow and actually heavy tooth harrow with working width 15 and 21 m.

In addition, this year LOZOVA MACHINERY has expanded product line of disc harrow with 6-meters DUKAT-6 which was also presented at the exhibition. Like all implements of the DUCAT line, 6-meters disc harrow saves 30% of fuel and has 1,5 times higher productivity, compared to traditional disc harrows, and it works at the high speeds (up to 20 km/h) without clogging. DUCAT-6 does not require any maintenance due to maintenance-free bearing units HARP AGRO UNIT and 3D-spring tines.

Vladimir Krivenkij, the head of LLC "Pilipchanske" (Kyiv Region), was interested in the disc harrow DUCAT purchasing, but he hasn’t chosen the model yet. "I liked that discs are mounted on individual spring tines and it means that the implement will cope with different obstacles and stones on the fields. I always look attentively at LOZOVA MACHINERY at the exhibitions. I saw the implements in work. Power, reliability, individuality. Better with every year. I stand with domestic technique. Foreign harrows are costly and there is nothing special in them. I think that Ukrainian producers offer implements of not less high level today”, –  says farmer.


"English line" of LOZOVA MACHINERY was presented by  trailer «Albion-26». The trailer is used for grains, silage, root crops and similar loads. It is the joint elaboration with innovative British trailers producer – Larrington Trailers.      

The adaptation of new production took over one year and required considerable investments in purchasing of the state-of-art metal working machinery and implementation of the British partners’ experience.


"We continue to work on new models of trailers of "English line", as well as grain discharging plants. We plan to produce about 20 trailers «Albion-26» by the end of the year and increase the production volume in future", – says Roman Girshfeld.


In addition to expanding the production range, LOZOVA MACHINERY strengthens its positions on the Ukrainian market and increase its presence on the European market.      

"This year we have improved our dealer network in Poland and Romania. We have increased the dealers number in Bulgaria and Baltic States. We are in the process of making partnership agreement with dealers from Serbia and Albania. We also see the sale growth in Lithuania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Estonia, Uzbekistan, CIS and European countries”, – says Roman Girshfeld.


The confident growth is achieved due to a well-balanced model range that corresponds to market needs, high quality standards and products reliability. Also the important factor of success is demonstration of the implements work in the field , participation in the regional and international exhibitions, Field Days, where farmers are convinced with their own eyes of the high quality of the implements, their productivity and energy efficiency.

"This year we have set a goal to take part in 100 events, exhibitions, Field Days, trial demonstrations of Ukraine, CIS and European countries. LOZOVA MACHINERY is one of several domestic companies that will be presented at the largest global exhibition AGRITECHNICA-2017 in Germany”, – announced Roman Girshfeld and also invited everybody to become a part of these events: "Follow our participation in the exhibitions and trial demonstrations in Facebook by the hash-tag #LozovaMachinery100”.

The participation in AGRO-2017 is the 35th event on the account.


In addition to the new products there were presented ZLATNIK no-till seed drill which can work according to any agricultural technology (no-till/mini-till) and can seed grains of any size (from poppy to beans); FRANC and GULDEN subsoilers that are able to work at depth up to 45 cm and save agrotechnical effect during 3-4 years.     


These implements were also paid a big interest of agrarians. Sergey Kuprinenko, "LEVADA-K" (Kyiv region), chose subsoiler at the exhibition. "I was interested in GULDEN, as it has two options – tillage and cultivation. It also doesn't require heavy technique and works with tractors of small power. I know LOZOVA MACHINERY very well. We use seedbed cultivator CHERVONETS in farming. We were first who used it and tested it on our fields. We are satisfied with its work even today”.


Nikolai Yatsenko, head of "Nika Agro" (Kyiv region) saw LOZOVA MACHINERY at the exhibition for the first time. Agrarian admits that Ukrainian machines impressed him. "I see the god job of engineers and scientists, as modern well-considered solutions and reliable construction are implemented in these machines. We need such implements in farming", – says agrarian and adds that he has chosen no-till seed drill ZLATNIK. Precise seeding and durable constructions impressed him.


The Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman, the Deputy Head of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Committee on Agrarian Policy and Land Relations Alexander Bakumenko and the first Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food Maxim Martynyuk visited the stand of LOZOVA MACHINERY. They took part in official opening of the most large-scale exhibition in the eastern Europe – AGRO-2017.


It is to be recalled that since June Ukrainian farmers are able to take part in the Program on partial compensation of the cost of agricultural machinery and equipment of domestic production, which was established by initiative of the National Committee for Industrial Development of Ukraine and adopted by the Government. This year the Government allocates 550 millions UAH for these purposes.

LOZOVA MACHINERY with a localization level of about 80 %, is included in the list of domestic equipment, the cost of which will be partially compensated from the state budget. Therefore agrarians will receive 20 % compensation when they buy LOZOVA MACHINERY implements.


Vitaly Guz , representative of the agricultural production union "DION" (Dnepropetrovsk region), points out that compensation from the state budget additionally encourages purchasing of LOZOVA MACHINERY and it is an important factor when choosing agricultural equipment.

The farmer chose at the exhibition the LIRA tooth harrow and ZLATNIK no-till seed drill. "According to the price/quality relation, the implements of LOZOVA MACHINERY are the most attractive, in particular in comparison with foreign analogues". The dynamic development of LOZOVA MACHINERY and the latest  state-of-art agricultural technologies realized are very impressive" – says Vitaly Guz.

Vice President Sales and Marketing of the UPEC IG points out that the Compensation Program is an important and necessary initiative of the Government and essential help to domestic agrarians, but the basic factors for farmers when choosing equipment still remain energy efficiency and reliability of equipment. And it is no doubt that LOZOVA MACHINERY is  demanded by farmers on these criteria.

"With LOZOVA MACHINERY for gentle farming MONEY REALLY WORKS!" – sums up Roman Girshfeld.

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